Thursday, April 21, 2016

In the movie, V for Vendetta, a young woman, Evie, spends the better part of a year living with and helping the terrorist V in his mission to destroy the fascist government which ruled England. Together, they lived in his secret, underground fortress which he called "The Shadow Gallery." 

But eventually, before the 5th of November, Evie decides to return to London society. However, the authorities know who she is and what she looks like, and she's on the Most Wanted list. So, how did she get away with it? Well, besides having a false ID, she had her head shaved.

I'm sure all will agree that Natalie Portman is an exquisitely beautiful woman- with or without hair. But, the fact is: it does make her look different.

Do you think it's farfetched that, in the story, they made it that she was unrecognizable just because of that? Well, if you think that's far-fetched, believe me, it's nothing. If that's far-fetched then it's the least far-fetched thing in the story- and keep in mind that I love the movie despite its farfetchedness. 

But regardless, the fact is that hair has a huge effect on a person's appearance. Hair is what frames the face, and to a great extent it shapes the head. Changing the hair changes the look.

And that's why it must be admitted that the alterers of the Altgens photo were very clever to change Doorman's hairline. It changed him a lot.

By giving him a new "cap," they changed the whole top of his head. There is a lot of distortion on the left side of Doorman's face (which is right to us) because of what they did with Black Tie Man, but try to ignore that. Notice that from the eyes down, the faces are EXACTLY the same.

Photographically, those faces correlate. They match. There are no deal-breakers. There is nothing, no feature, no attribute that torpedoes the match. Eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ear, shape of the face, length of the neck- it all works, as does the sunken t-shirt. The very idea that that is another man, Billy Lovelady, and he just happened to be captured photographically identical to Oswald is PREPOSTEROUS. It is insane! That is Oswald! And the people who tell you otherwise are not just lying to you, they are messing with your head. They are tampering with your very process of reasoning and cognition- your ability to think.

Putting the revised cap back in shows you how it went from X:X to X:Y. 

See what I mean? In a way, it was ingenious because it was easy enough to do, yet it was very effective.  

Denying Oswald in the doorway has reached the point of being a blatant order, and actually, a threat- to leave it alone or else. It's like an order from High Chancellor Adam Sutler, and this is taken directly from V for Vendetta with just a little bit of paraphrasing:

"Let me make this perfectly clear to you: The facts of the JFK assassination are a matter of national security. The claim being made about the Doorway Man being Oswald constitutes an assault on the character of several of our most esteemed leaders, as well as a blatant violation of the articles of allegiance. As the accuracy of this claim has not be verified by any recognized forensic experts, it could be an elaborate hoax as easily as it could be the deranged fantasy of a raving and ruthless anti-American. Any discussion of this claim or displaying of its images will be regarded, at the very least, as an act of sedition- if not a willful act of treason. Is that understood? You would do well to put it out of your mind."

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