Tuesday, April 19, 2016

So, what exactly do they expect us to believe? That Mexico City was a nerve center for the CIA's anti-Castro operations...

...and meanwhile, unrelated to all that, Lee Harvey Oswald, on his own, just happened to decide to go down there to pursue his Russian dreams, even though he could have done the logical thing and contacted the Soviet Embassy in Washington or the Soviet Consulate in Houston?  

Supposedly, he also sought a Cuban visa as a means of getting back to Russia, thinking that once he got to Cuba, the Soviet Embassy there would be more friendly to him and grant his wish. But, did he really think that? And is there any sense in it? No. 

This coincidence of the CIA being heavily vested in Mexico City and Oswald deciding to go there is yet another glass of Statist Kool-aid we are expected to swallow like the booze these guys were drinking.

And then, they added to the story that Oswald contacted the Russian Embassy in Washington anyway. Well, wouldn't he have done that first? Don't you start with the easy, convenient thing and then, if that doesn't work, move on to the harder thing? 

And by November 9, when Oswald supposedly sent that letter to the Russian Embassy, his second daughter Rachel had been born, and it was clear as a bell to him that Marina did not want to go back to the USSR. She was adamant about it. Heck, she didn't want to go back there even after he was dead and buried. So, what was he going to do? Force her to go? How? He couldn't even force her to move back in with him in Dallas, never mind return with him to the Soviet Union. Or, was he going to return to his Communist paradise alone, abandoning her and their children? Was this the same guy who, after being arrested for killing the President of the United States and a police officer, was fussing about Junie needing new shoes?

The whole story is so preposterous, you would have to be the dimmest nitwit in the world to believe it. But, do you know what else this picture tells us?

It tells us that Oswald being killed was baked into the cake from the beginning. How were they going to be able to claim that he went to Mexico City if he was living? How hard would it have been for him to deny it? And remember: he DID deny it. But, how hard would it have been for him to prove, in court, that he was somewhere else? What would his lawyer have been able to do with it? Where would they have taken it? Where would it have lead? 

So, after believing this pile of crap, we are supposed to believe that Jack Ruby, in order to spare Jackie more suffering, killed Oswald?

Let me tell you something: they needed Oswald dead so badly, they probably had operatives in that ambulance to make absolutely sure that he didn't make it.    


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