Wednesday, April 27, 2016

If push comes to shove, what is Rafael Cruz going to say about this? Is he going to deny it's him? 

He denied it was him at the Trade Mart, but this match is much more compelling. It has already been vetted by photographic experts at the National Enquirer, including a plastic surgeon who knows facial anatomy like few do. 

So, I am not sure he is going to deny this one. He might think that it's too risky. He might say, "Yes, that's me, and I was there, like thousands of others, to honor the President and First Lady." 

Except, it's not going to work. It will have no credibility. 

First, if it was as simple as that, then why didn't he say so himself? Everybody remembers where they were when Kennedy got killed. And his son is running for President of the United States. So, if that's all it was, Rafael Cruz should have been forthcoming about it. If he waits until he's forced to admit it- by having his nose held to the grindstone- the admission won't count for squat.

Second, he didn't live in Dallas at the time; he lived in New Orleans. And he wouldn't drive to another state just to watch JFK whisk by in a motorcade. Nobody would.

But third, if he was just a regular guy there to honor President Kennedy,  how did he wind up at the top of Dealey Plaza? The motorcade was 10 miles long. He was right there at the end of Main Street as it reached Houston. So, he might as well have been in Dealey Plaza. He was at the door. And, after the limo passed him, he only had to cross Houston Street to have a clear view of the Kill Zone. So, how did he know to go there? Did he know in advance that something was going to happen in Dealey Plaza, or did he just get lucky? In all the miles of the motorcade, he just happened to wind up right on the threshold of Dealey Plaza? By accident? Sheer chance? Coincidence?

Rafael Cruz has got some explaining to do.

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