Thursday, April 28, 2016

I made two new Cruz collages, one when he was very young and the other when he was old. They're both very impressive.

So, even at the extremes of age, it works. It would be an amazing coincidence if someone else who looked that much like Cruz just happened to be there. But, this is the JFK assassination we're talking about. So, there should be no granting of coincidences. Forget it. Not on my watch. 

The question has arisen as to where Cruz was living in November 1963. He was living in New Orleans. When his daughter was born in November 1962, he was living in Dallas, and she was born there. But, reports are that he moved to New Orleans right after she was born. So, he was definitely living in New Orleans in November 1963. That would mean that he made a special trip to Dallas to attend the motorcade.

These photographic matches are much stronger than the ones used to place Cruz in front of the Trade Mart with Oswald. They are much, much, much, much better.  

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