Wednesday, April 20, 2016

From Richard Hooke on Buell Frazier

The way Frazier goes about it, and I am sure they put him up to it;
is that he goes on and on with humorous, humanistic tales and stories
about Oswald - for instance of how Lee was a really a nice guy who
went out of his way to play ball with children, etc.  
but, what he's really doing is setting up the audience...then there is a short break
and then they have a big pic of an empty TSBD doorway and then they insert a pic of Lovelady into it, by the column, in his short-sleeve striped shirt,
and Frazier says it was Lovelady; at which point the gullible
audience subconsciously figures - well how could this nice old man be lying?
At which point, I stood up and said, "No, it was Oswald! And I'll prove it to you!!'
And they yelled at me: Sit down - that Mr. Frazier has made it perfectly clear it was Lovelady, and they would allow no debate. 
(PS - our old collage (attached) still applies/nails it)


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