Sunday, April 24, 2016

The black man in Altgens really wasn't there. There, in the photo

The black man in Altgens consists of two things: a face in profile and below it, a shamrock-shaped body.

Some have tried to deny that the shamrock is his body. But, if it's not, what is it? And, if it's not, then where his body? Because without saying that's his body, it means he has no body and is just disembodied head. So, that ain't going to do you any good. And, if that's not his body, then we can take it out without it mattering.  

As I was saying, somebody intended that to be his body.

So, the black man we see there in that photo wasn't really there in the photo. That image of him wasn't there in the photo. But, there was a black man in the southwest corner of the doorway, who happened to be the same black man represented in the image.

Now, that isn't hard to understand at all. And from the start, my meaning has been perfectly clear. So, why would anyone try to cause confusion about it? 

It's because when you are a paid dis-info agent creating confusion is what you try to do. Why? It's because words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. A great man said that.

Here is Carl Jones at the time of the Altgens photo:

That's from the start of the Wiegman film, but it coincides with the Altgens photo. 

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