Wednesday, April 27, 2016

You filthy bastards. You're losing, and because you're losing, you resort to scum- because you've got nothing else to do; no other recourse.

What happened at the state park was a misunderstanding, and the ticket was dismissed. It's all over. It's done. There's nothing pending. It was dismissed. Period. 

And the "unidentified" man who was involved in the mishap with me was my "cousin" Paul. Here is a picture of him, and my other two cousins, Tony and Pat. They're all bluesmen and damn good ones. This was from a gig this last New Year's Eve in Goleta, California, which I, fortunately, was able to attend, and it was riveting.  

So, that's Tony playing the harmonica, and you should know that Tony is a senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, and he performed the song I wrote, He Didn't Do It, about the innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald, which you can experience here:

And that's Patrick on the keyboard, (wearing the beret; it was very cold; like 38 degrees) and he really rides the keys. He never plays the same song the same way twice because he's got so many rifts, runs, and licks in his blues repertoire. And that's Paul on the guitar, and he was soloing at the time. He's very good. The photo was taken by his girlfriend Moniere, who is Persian.

These filthy bastards are bloodied from head to toe. And remember what this is: a war. We are fighting for JFK truth, and they are fighting to stop it, and they'll resort to anything. I have no doubt that they will kill, as they have killed before. How many witnesses, researchers, and activists have already been killed to suppress JFK truth? You think they are done killing? They are waging this vicious war full-bore, and they are being paid to do it. And these evil, filthy bastards consider nothing too low or off-limits. This is like Special Ops in the military- the evil, gangster US military that they were in. Well, I'm a fighter too. I'm already beating them in the realm of ideas. Pummeling them into the ground, as the OIC marches ahead. And I'll defeat them otherwise. Wait and see.    


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