Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump is doing it. Nothing can stop him now. He's getting the Republican nomination. 

And they actually released a poll today showing Hillary beating Trump. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, that is hilarious. 

Do you have any idea how many people in this country hate that woman's guts? And that was before Benghazi. There are whole swaths of this country in which they'd vote for Jeffrey Dahmer before they voted for that (word that rhymes with witch). The idea that she could beat Trump is ridiculous.  

I have the feeling that the Justice Department is telling the FBI to just drop the case against Hillary, that they don't give a shit about it. You say she got people killed? So, fucking what? We said drop it! But, Andrew Napolitano thinks there may be a few principled agents at the FBI who may resign over it. We'll see.

It comes down to priorities. The Elites are freaking out that totally untethered Trump is going to be in the White House. How can they fucking worry about Hillary's crimes at a time like this? At least, she can be counted on to do their bidding. Never has a leading candidate been so maligned by the media as Trump has, and never has the maligning failed so miserably. The more they malign him, the better he does! 

The way it looks to me is that the only way they can stop Trump now is to go the lone-nut route. I sure hope that he's not relying too heavily on his Secret Service protection. Remember, Donald, at the crucial moment, they could be busy talking on the phone while you're being shot, like Emory Roberts. 

You hate it when that happens. Frankly, if I were Donald Trump, I would fire all the Secret Service agents, and just go with my own private security force. He can afford it.

Donald, just say, "You're fired." You can do it. 

But, short of the lone nut option, the only thing they can do is throw all their weight and resources behind Hillary. I'm talking about a mass exodus of Republicans, where they endorse Hillary, and not just endorse her but campaign for her. I bet even Obama would get actively involved in supporting her- which exiting Presidents don't usually do. 

What about the option of just cheating; rigging the voting machines? Faking it. Well, it's not like Donald Trump is going to stand idly by and let them do that. He's sharp enough to surround himself with pretty sharp people who are going to be on the lookout for that shit.

You saw how Kasich and Cruz joined forces. Well, that's just the beginning. That's just a taste. It's going to be everybody from both parties allied together against Trump.  Sworn enemies are going to be holding hands around the fire singing Kumbaya. The outcome?

Well, if I were betting, I'd bet on Trump. Come to think of it, who's to say I won't? I'm known to place a wager now and then. I bet on Nate Diaz over Conor McGregor. My gut told me he was going to beat him. 


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