Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Altgens photo coincides with the start of the Wiegman film. Think about what happens in Wiegman. He's in the press car shooting, as it rounds the intersection from Houston to Elm. That's when he captures the doorway for several seconds. Then, he's pointing straight ahead going down Elm, but SOMETHING provokes him to do a second pan of the doorway. So, he swings around to his right and captures the doorway one more time. But, they must have edited the film because the glimpse we get of the doorway is impossibly brief. 

Think about the physics of the situation. He's swinging around to his right, and he goes far enough to capture the doorway. But then, he reverses himself. He stops and then swings back the other way. But, the key word is "stops". He couldn't do a 180 without coming to a complete stop. That means zero velocity. So, we should have gotten a good clear view of that doorway on the second pan. But, we don't. Our eyes can't even fix on it. 

They did that deliberately by removing frames so that we couldn't get a good look. They didn't want us to see it well because they stuck that phony Doorman in there after Oswald left. They just wanted us to get a glimpse or the phony one, to reassure us that Doorman was still there. He wasn't!

This is what we see in a still frame:

But, try to see it in the film. You can't. It's too fast. And why are all the figures east of Doorman so blurred and distorted? While he and Carl and all those people in front are not? What's up with that? What's up with it is that they blurred them. And that Doorman is not real. He wasn't there. And this time I mean that he wasn't there in the doorway. He wasn't there in the photograph, and he wasn't there in the doorway. He wasn't there any which way. They stuck him in there because Oswald had left for the lunch room already. But apparently, there was some kind of commotion surrounding Oswald leaving for the lunch room. Did Shelley get abrasive with him? Because: something had to provoke Wiegman to pan the doorway again. Meaning: some noise or a flash of motion. Something must have happened. There was a commotion in the doorway just before Oswald left, and it must have had to do with him leaving. And you know who says that? OIC photo processor Roy Schaeffer. 

But, the worst thing is that the second Doorman is obviously not the same man as the first Doorman. He's not as tall (unless you want to assume he stepped down a step). His shirt is different. Plus, rather than looking gaunt like the first Doorman, he looks cherubic. 

How could that fat-faced guy in the middle be the same man as the gaunt Altgens Doorman or the first Wiegman Doorman? I'm telling you: he wasn't there. 

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