Friday, April 29, 2016

There is an article on the Smithsonian website about the Backyard photos not being fake, and that 3D modeling proves it:

Now, I am going to demolish this article. I am going to tear it apart. But right now, I want to address just one thing. The article states that "Oswald said that the photo was fake, even though it was taken by his wife."  

Well, let's think about that a minute. Let's presume, for a minute, that Marina did take it and Oswald did pose for it. On what basis would Oswald think it was practical to claim that it was fake? If he knew it wasn't and that his wife took it, he would also know that when asked, she would say so. He would also know that they would find the camera. And if there were others who saw the photo, he would know also that they too would confirm that it was authentic.

So, what would be the point of lying about it? 

Look: a lot of people lie, and they lie for a lot of different reasons. But, they all lie with the expectation that the lie is going to stick, that there is at least a good chance that they are going to get away with it. But, there would be no point in lying if you knew there was NO CHANCE of getting away with it.

And to those who are real Oswald defenders (and I don't mean the fake and phony ones of which there are plenty) what reason is there not to believe Oswald about this? 

The Backyard photo is incriminating but not because it makes him look militant and bellicose. It's only incriminating because in it, he's holding the rifle: the alleged murder weapon. So, here's what it means: This picture won't matter at all if Oswald hadn't denied owning the rifle. If he had said: 

"Yes, that's my rifle, but I didn't shoot anybody with it. Somebody must have stolen it and done it and then tried to frame me."      

Isn't that what you would have said in that situation? If you were brought in, and you were told that your weapon was used in the commission of a crime, and you knew it was yours, wouldn't you admit it? Wouldn't you say something like what I wrote above? 
And wouldn't Oswald?

So, if he denied owning that rifle, he really didn't own it. And the presumed fact stated in the article that Marina took the photo, that's what needs to be challenged. Marina. Marina was their secret weapon. Do you realize that? Do you realize what she did?

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