Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I am very pleased to announce that Pasquale DiFabrizio has become the newest senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. 

Pasquale is a licensed private investigator in Los Angeles, and he works on a variety of cases, including homicides. He has been investigating the JFK assassination for decades, and he is a staunch believer in Oswald's innocence and Oswald in the doorway. Earlier today, Pasquale submitted the affidavit of Officer Seymour Weitzman concerning the 7.65 Mauser that was found. Pasquale wisely pointed out that even if you were going to assume that he mistook the Carcano for the Mauser, which is especially unlikely since it was the carbine model, but how, supposedly, did he get the caliber wrong? What's the memo on that? 

This is an example of an element of the official story that was shunted into a dead-end with the hope that it would be ignored. Well, that is not going to happen with Pasquale around. 

I'd like to note that Pasquale is the first P.I. to join the OIC, and how appropriate that is considering the nature of this work. I hope you realize that private investigators are much more reliable and trustworthy and to be counted on than government investigators. The government is incapable of investigating the assassination honestly. It's kind-of like letting the wolf guard the hen house. Pasquale, welcome to the OIC. 

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