Thursday, April 21, 2016

Here is the interview that Larry Rivera did with Roy Lewis in January:

The most important element is that Roy Lewis said- repeatedly- that Doorman looks like Oswald. He said it emphatically. That has special significance because, in his life, Roy Lewis knew Oswald and saw him daily in his workaday life. He laid eyes on him in person- which the vast majority of us cannot say. And, he said that Doorman looks to be Oswald, and he said it strongly. Roy also said that Doorman was dressed like Oswald- he recognized his clothes as Oswald's. That means a lot.

Now, to be perfectly forthright, it's all very good, but he did not say that he recalls turning around and seeing Oswald there at the top of the steps that day- which would have been better. But, it's not surprising because Oswald was the last one out there and the first to leave, and all the action was to the front. In other words, it would have been great if Roy had had an experience like Carolyn Arnold who was out there, and she turned around and saw Oswald at the doorway, and she reported it to the FBI on 11/26/63.  

But, he wasn't at all sure that the black man in the Altgens was him. And he asked Larry, "Why would I be looking that way?"

That's what I say! It's what I have been saying for years. It makes no sense for that guy to be looking that direction. The figure of the Black man in profile next to the column is NOT a real image. I believe it was taken from the Willis frame and implanted there.

Do you think that. by coincidence. Altgens and Willis both captured identical views of this man? From opposite angles?

And I agree that the Black Man was Carl Jones and not Roy Lewis because Roy was only 17 years old at the time, and that man is obviously older than that. Furthermore, Carl's clothes match those of the black man in Wiegman.

How could a man register in a photo as his face in profile and then there be a shamrock beneath him instead of a body? That's what you see in the Altgens photo, and it doesn't make sense. It's a phony image, and I'll tell you what it amounts to: there was no room to put his body in there, but by putting that shamrock in, the mind fills in the rest. It gets the sense that there is a vertical torso and then the beginnings of a horizontal appendage. And that's all the mind needs. Imagination does the rest. Past visual memories are lent to this image- mentally. Yes, the plain truth is that your mind fills in the rest. And that's what they were counting on, that nobody would look at it closely; nobody would analyze it; that people would just absorb it by osmosis and be satisfied that there was a guy there who had a body beneath him. But, look at the size of that guy on the left. He's a behemoth! So, how could his body register so small on the right? 

The Altgens photo and the start of the Wiegman film (as we know it) coincide. Therefore, the Black man had to be in the same spot and doing the same thing in both. So, how could he be turned and looking west in one medium but turned and looking east in the other?

It's fake. Completely, totally fake- and that's true whether the guy was Carl Jones or Roy Lewis. They put him in there, and it was all to cover up Oswald. They probably had in mind to cover up Oswald's hand-clasping, realizing that people might be able to connect it to Oswald as a habit of his- which it was. 

Now keep in mind: the image is fake, but the man was really there. How did he look before they tampered with it? Well, he was mostly out of view to Altgens because he was smack against the west wall. And, you can't position yourself that way today because of the obtrusive handrail that's there now which wasn't there then. But, just assume that he was positioned the same in Altgens as he was in Wiegman (why not?) and if any part of him registered to Altgens, it was his left arm and shoulder. 

I should point out that Roy Lewis did say he was on the first step from the bottom by the pillar, and that is baffling if the guy we see is Carl Jones. So, how do I explain that? I don't. It's just baffling. It's just a paradox. Hey, it's not like it's the only one in the JFK assassination. 

Now, think about something else: There were witnesses that the Warren Commission called, like Danny Arce and Mrs. Donald Baker, who were not asked what they saw on 11/22/63 as pertains to the doorway. Rather, they were simply shown the Altgens photo and asked to identify Doorman. Well, that's exactly what Larry Rivera asked Roy Lewis to do. So, why didn't the Warren Commission ask Roy Lewis to testify about it? Well, you know damn well why. They weren't going to allow anybody to testify who was going to point to Doorman and say, "that looks like Oswald" as Roy did in this video. It wasn't allowed during the Warren Commission hearings. It was a controlled situation. They were carving out a certain result, the one they wanted, and they were pulling the puppet strings of their witnesses every step of the way. It was just a show trial; a Stalinist show trial. It was not an honest investigation. The little value that the Warren Commission Report has is due to the unplanned accidents, such as James Jarmon saying that Oswald asked him why people were gathering on the sidewalk out front.  It shows that Oswald arrived to work that morning not knowing that the Presidential motorcade was going to pass the building. That's a gem that just came out. But, as far as there being no witnesses reporting seeing Oswald in the doorway or admitting that Doorman looks like Oswald- that was planned; it was managed; it was controlled every step of the way. They were not going to allow any contrary testimony about this important issue. Maybe about other things (like where the shot sounds came from) but not about this. 

I should point out these views are mine, and I am not speaking for Larry Rivera on this.  

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