Monday, April 25, 2016

The Oswald Innocence Campaign was begun in 2012 to advance the truth that Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in the doorway of the Texas Book Depository when JFK was being slaughtered, and there is photographic proof. But, the fact is that it has been known for a long time, and the New York Herald Tribune considered it newsworthy in 1964. So did the National Guardian. Below is a link to their article about it:

The date was May 30, 1964, and the article is riveting. Imagine if it was published in the New York Times, eh? Fat chance of that.

The National Guardian, later known as The Guardian, was a radical, leftist newspaper, established in New York City in 1948, which published until 1992. The National Guardian wasn't a mainstream newspaper, but the New York Herald Tribune was. At the time, it was the biggest rival of the New York Times! So, this story about Oswald in the doorway had to be noticed. It must have registered. And, the arguments and evidence presented in it are just as impressive today as they were in 1964.

This is Oswald in the doorway, as captured in the Altgens photo:

You have to realize that there is an excellent match here: of both the man and the clothing. And, they are two separate and distinct entities. You can see that the man matches, and then you can look at the clothing to see if it matches as well, and it does. It's one thing to say that Billy Lovelady looked like Oswald, but did he also dress exactly like Oswald on the same day? What are the chances of that? 

So, think of the man and the clothing as two separate draws in the lottery. The matching outfit- which consisted of a long-sleeved shirt that was not just unbuttoned but sprawled-open over an exposed white t-shirt with a vee-shaped margin- it is exactly the same on both of them. It has to be the same man.  

So, all along, this really has been a blatant suppression of the obvious truth that it was Oswald in the doorway and not Lovelady. How could Lovelady be wearing Oswald's clothes? And the bottom line is that the US media was complicit in the murder of President Kennedy because when you're complicit in the cover-up, you're complicit in the murder. When you shield and protect killers, you are a killer.

Look at this excellent tri-collage the National Guardian published:

 Look at that match of the man and the clothing! And, as good as that is, look what happens when we get rid of the phony "cap" the conspirators gave him:

Do a point by point comparison of Oswald on the far left and Doorman on the far right. Every single feature matches. And of course, the outfit also matches. Same man; same clothes. Everything matches: eyes, nose, ears, the shape of the face, the length of the neck, and of course, the clothes. That's Oswald, and it's crazy to deny it. 

I cut off the top of their heads because the image of Doorman was altered. They (the plotters, the conspirators, the evil-doers) tried to give him Lovelady's hairline, using an image of Lovelady from the 1950s. On the left below is a model showing how the image of Doorway Man must have looked before they messed with it. "Before" is on the left, and "After" is on the right.

Below on the left is the image they used to give Doorman (Oswald) a new hairline. This image of Lovelady was from the 1950s, and he had actually lost a lot of hair by 1963, but the photo-alterers didn't know that.  

But, I'm only telling you that to explain why I cut off the tops of their heads in the National Guardian collage. And it doesn't matter that I did. If they are different men, it should still be obvious. 

That is what you call the money shot. I bet that match between Oswald and Doorman is better than that of any two images of you or of anyone you know. There is nothing that doesn't work or raises doubt. 

The National Guardian article covers the plight of Jones Harris, who was on a mission about this. And, the mission took him to the Warren Commission, and all the way to the office of J. Lee Rankin, who was their chief counsel. And, Rankin's response to this was to ask Jones Harris to be quiet about it. Can you imagine?

The FBI refused to release a photo of Lovelady on the grounds that somebody might want to shoot him. But, if the picture showed that it was him standing in the doorway during the shooting, then he couldn't possibly have killed Kennedy. So, why would anyone want to shoot him? Of course, this was after the FBI's notorious photo shoot of Lovelady on Feb 29, 1964, in which they sent their heavily doctored, altered photos of him to the Warren Commission. And those photos were left in the document pile of the Warren Report without comment and were only brought to light because of the great JFK researcher Harold Weisberg. 

People: they all knew it was Oswald in the doorway. This has been suppressed and covered up for 53 years to protect the real killers of President Kennedy. Oswald was nothing but a patsy- as he said himself.  And, the amount of chicanery and fraud that has gone into covering up the truth about Oswald in the doorway is staggering to behold. But, it is all laid out on the pages of the OIC website:  

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