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I had a run-in with Scott Kaiser on Facebook. I didn't know at first, but, he is the son of Edwin Kaiser, whom he claims was a CIA anti-Castro operative who was killed because of what he knew. Scott has written a book about it, but that's all I know- except that he styles himself as a celebrity over it, and he thinks he looks extremely young for his age. 

But, at some point, as we bickered, he began trashing Oswald in the doorway. I didn't care for that. Naturally, I responded aggressively. 

The reason I am posting this is because I kept waiting for Scott to say where Oswald really was, if not the doorway, but he never said.

It always amazes me when someone who professes to be an Oswald defender (which Scott does) denies Oswald in the doorway without feeling any need to place him anywhere else. It's like Lee Harvey Oswald was immaterial; he just floated in the ether. We don't have to place him anywhere. Who knows where he was? He could have been anywhere- or nowhere. And it is beyond human knowledge to know where he was. All we can know is where he wasn't- and that is the doorway. There's no need to waste time trying to understand what happened and where he really was and what he was doing at the crucial time. He wasn't on the 6th floor, and he wasn't in the doorway, and that's where the thinking stops- if it ever started.

The point is that it's different for a guy like Scott Kaiser. He's not like David Von Pein. I don't have to wonder what Peinhead thinks. Peinhead thinks Oswald was on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy. That's a given. Then, there are the nihilists who are non-committal on everything except the doorway, who say,
"Oswald may have been innocent, or he may have been guilty. Believe what you want about that. Just don't think he was in the doorway."  

Those types are complete fakes and phonies. They're just put here to be trouble-makers. 

But, Scott Kaiser isn't one of those guys either. He definitely thinks Oswald was framed and innocent. So, where was he at the time of the shots? Amazingly, Scott, like many others, vouches for him NOT being in the doorway without saying where he was, as if it doesn't matter. And he didn't even say as much. The whole question sailed over his head; it didn't even register on his radar. That's the degree of mind-warp that is involved.

People, this is 2016. If you are going to deny that Oswald was in the doorway, yet you claim that he was innocent, hence, not on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy, then you HAVE to say where he was. And that's because it's 2016. Over 50 years have passed, with a spotlight being put on this and everything that happened that day, and therefore: there is no excuse for not knowing. If, after half a century, you don't know where Oswald was at 12:30, then you need the shut the fuck up about the JFK assassination because you don't know shit from shinola about it. 

I'll start where we were talking about the Op 40 photo from Mexico City in which Scott tried to claim that the Rafael Cruz figure was Frank Bartes. But, he had no image of Bartes with which to compare, and it's obvious from his bio that Bartes had to be much older than the young guy in the photo. 

Ralph Cinque Frank Bartes' full name was Francisco Antonio Bartes-Clarens. In Cuba, he was an extremely wealthy man, owning sugar and rice plantations, much real estate in Havana, and four of Cuba's railroads. He was also the President of Consolidated Railways of Cuba. So, how could that young guy be him unless he inherited all that wealth?
Ralph Cinque This is what Peter Fokes wrote about Bartes, and it includes a link to the Mary Ferrell Foundation. I don't see how that young guy could have been the tycoon that Bartes was. He hadn't spent enough years on Earth.
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Ralph Cinque Well, Scott? That young guy look old enough to be a tycoon to you? Frank Bartes was like the Cuban Donald Trump.
Scott R. Kaiser I must have forgotten to tell you, all these tycoons you're talking about lost their business to Castro's government in 1960 just as Maurice Ferre and the Banbun brothers, Francisco Banbun who was an associate of my father's worked with Richard Helms in 1964 to assassinate Fidel Castro for 150,000 dollars, I expose all the players in that plot as well.
Scott R. Kaiser How do you think guys like Hemming were able to feed off these tycoons? My father didn't want money, he didn't want the spotlight, he didn't want recognition, all he wanted to do was get rid of communism. Along the way, he discovered things he should have not discovered. Now, it's true, like my mother says, no one will ever know.
Scott R. Kaiser Now Ralph, see if you can find a photo of "Manuel Ray," he is the guy sitting far right at the end next to the guy you think is Ted's father.
Ralph Cinque Alright, I will, but gotta tell you: the idea of that young early 20s guy having been a big mogul in Cuba doesn't wash with me.
Scott R. Kaiser Believe it or not there were lots of young wealthy men and women because of their parents. We have the same thing in the United States.
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Ralph Cinque But, you don't know that about him. Even if he came from a wealthy family, they wouldn't make him head of a railroad. You have to be skilled, competent, experienced. That guy is in his early 20s.
Ralph Cinque And I'm not buying Manuel Rey. He doesn't look like that other guy. Manuel Ray was 39 years old in 1963, and that other guy looks younger. And don't tell me: some people look young for their age.

Ted Rubinstein Also called Manolo, a Kennedy favorite
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Scott R. Kaiser I'm not sure what or who Ralph is looking at, but if you couldn't get the first one right, and now you agree with me, how could you possibly disagree? I'm looking right at him and that is a young Manolo. Thanks Ted.
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Scott R. Kaiser Folks, please understand, this information is not coming from me, it's coming from someone who knew all these men who shared this information with me. Someone, I have complete trust in, even after he told me about my father showing him the photos my father had. I am 100% satisfied now with the individuals who were identified to me.
Scott R. Kaiser Don't give me the credit Ralph, give it to Nino.
Ralph Cinque I am just not buying this one. The young man looks too young to be 39 years old. Maybe he was 29, but not 39. And he has much more strongly Latino features than the other man who looks more Anglo. I just can't match them.
Scott R. Kaiser This is me at 52, do I look 52?
Scott R. Kaiser Cheers! I made my point.
Ralph Cinque Well, we think well of ourselves today, don't we? Yeah, you are a medical marvel, Scott. But, I still say: that 20-something guy was no 39 year old. He still had the round face of youth, and not even you have that.
Scott R. Kaiser My point is this, I've seen some guys my age that belong in a graveyard. wink emoticon
Scott R. Kaiser Don't judge the book by it's cover.
Ralph Cinque There is a roundness, a softness in the face when a person is young which they lose when they get older. That young guy was in his 20s.
Ralph Cinque See what I mean? That guy was still young: 20s.
Scott R. Kaiser Ralph, this is the last life's lesson for the night as I have work to do, not everyone's skin, texture, hair etc. are the same, they don't age the same, and besides, I look better then Charlie. That's why I used mine. If I posted a photo of me in my mid 20s you'd swear, you thought I looked seventeen. One of my favorite pics.
Ralph Cinque Well, I believe my point is valid, and yours is wrong. This guy is not 39 years old, and there is no basis to think so, no matter how young you think you look.
Scott R. Kaiser Okay Ralph, it's funny how folks when they turn 39 most folks at that age don't even show any real signs of aging. I mean, what does 39 suppose to look like? Anyone I know who turned 39 looked as though they hadn't aged still in their early 30s.

And, since you've been wrong everywhere else, if it makes you feel any better, you can take this one, okay?

Scott R. Kaiser We all age differently, are you going to say that Jennifer Lopez as hot as she is looks shows her age? 46? Hispanic people age differently from Caucasians or blacks. That's the beauty of life Ralph, God made us all unique.
Ralph Cinque Wrong about everything else? I've been right about Oswald in the doorway, and the organization I started over it is now the largest JFK assassination research organization in the world.
Scott R. Kaiser I'm talking about this thread, not for you to feel guilty about something else, as for Oswald in the doorway we might as well throw out Bakers and Truly's testimony.
Scott R. Kaiser First off, just in-case you haven't noticed, the person who's standing in the doorway at the TSBD has his hair parted on the right side of his head. You can clearly see his hair part. Lee Oswald always parted his hair on the left side of his head. Oswa...See More
Ralph Cinque Well, that tells me everything I need to know about you, and you have now sunk into the basement of complete incompetence. Doorman's ear is a perfect match to Oswald, and unlike you, I don't just flap my lips; I show and tell. And regarding the hairlin...See More
Ralph Cinque In 1963, Lovelady was almost completely bald on top. We know that from testimony of Roy Lewis and from the image that Mark Lane captured of him in 1964. But, Doorman's hairline is an exact match to Young Lovelady's from the 1950s. This image wasn't publicly displayed until the late 1970s with the HSCA, but they undoubtedly had it in 1963, and they used it to fashion Doorman a new hairline.
Scott R. Kaiser The guy in the doorway clearly has his hair part and combed from right to left, Oswald hair is combed from left to right, that person in the doorway is NOT Oswald.
Ralph Cinque This shows the Before and After- how Doorman (Oswald) looked before the Altgens photo was altered, and how he looked after they did their evil handiwork. So, all you are doing is comparing a real image of Oswald's hair to a phony one.
Scott R. Kaiser Yes! There you go! Now, if you take Oswald's head piece and place it on top of your man in the doorway presto! You might have Oswald, but, unless you surgically remove his ears. It's not Oswald.
Scott R. Kaiser No worries, I've already figured out why no researcher will ever challenge my material, and the answer is quite simple. If they did, and lost they would discredit themselves, and folks would begin to believe that everything they pushed is now a lie, unlike me, I will challenge anyone, at anytime, and if I believe what their pushing is wrong. I will say something Why? Because I know something they don't?
Ralph Cinque The photo was altered. You hear me? I said: THE PHOTO WAS ALTERED! You dumb pluck.
Ralph Cinque All these features match between Oswald and Doorman- including his clothing. The hairline and the shape of the top of the head are all that don't match. It's the one thing they changed. The photo was altered. This much likeness between two unrelated men is impossible! And then to have them also be dressed the same??? On the same day? Spontaneously? You're out of your frrickin' mind.
Scott R. Kaiser lol.... I know it was altered, it has Oswald's head piece on top, why you getting mad? lol...
Scott R. Kaiser Did you put Oswald's head piece on top?
Ralph Cinque I refer to it as a "cap" or "crown". I assume that the same CIA photo wizards who altered the Backyard photos altered this one.
Scott R. Kaiser If I can't get a positive ID on the man who's sitting next to the umbrella man that so many folks believe it to be Orlando Bosch, and I showed the photo to Posada and he couldn't tell if it was his friend or not, then I can't put much faith in a photo ...See More
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Ralph Cinque I've said many times that Doorman's hairline was altered to that of Young Lovelady, but besides that: it's the whole shape of the top of his head which they matched to Young Lovelady, making it oval, like his. instead of geometric, as Oswald's was.

O...See More

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Scott R. Kaiser "Oswald had a big head. He must have had a big brain." I couldn't put my finger on it, thanks for helping me out, I now figured out my problem.
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Scott R. Kaiser I had a monkey once, he was a sick monkey my father brought home. Everyone said I looked just like the monkey too, what a coincidence.
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Ralph Cinque Your attempts at humor are as inane as your photo analysis. Who gives a frying fruck what you think? I've got the attorneys Mark Lane and Vincent Salandria backing me. I've got 9 university professors. i have leading JFK authors. I have the largest JFK assassination organization in the world, and we are united that it was Oswald in the doorway.
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Ralph Cinque You know who else is a member? The owner and administrator of this Facebook page.
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Scott R. Kaiser I, I, I, sad this assassination had to turn into something like this. Well, I have news for you and your band of followers. I'm tried of the "I" bullshit, and I'm tried that no one will challenge me. Soon enough the whole story will be told.
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