Monday, April 25, 2016

There is another story that is going viral today, and it's from Australia. It's about a video showing a chiropractor there adjusting the spine of a 4-day old premature infant. 

You see him pressing down on her back, and then you hear a loud cracking sound, and then the baby starts crying. It's distressing to watch.

I agree that that is completely wrong and bad. It is barbaric. And, it shouldn't be allowed. He supposedly was treating her colic by doing that, which is ridiculous. If that was necessary in order to recover from colic, how does any baby recover? Don't they all get colic to some degree? So again: this is ridiculous, and I think it should be prohibited. 

But, my point in putting it up is show how a story, all the way from Australia, could travel fast and cover the globe. So, how come in 1964 when this story broke in the National Guardian about Oswald being in the doorway during the shooting of President Kennedy, did it not go viral the same way?  

It appeared here in the National Guardian, in the New York Herald Tribune, and in a Montreal paper. But, did it appear anywhere else? It should have been covered everywhere. It should have been covered as much as the Rafael Cruz story is being widely covered today- and notice the similarity between the two. So, why wasn't it? 

It's because, like today, there was a controlled press back then. We are supposed to have a free press in this country, but we really don't. We haven't for a very long time. 

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