Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I've said many times that Doorman's hairline was altered to that of Young Lovelady, but besides that: it's the whole shape of the top of his head which they matched to Young Lovelady, making it oval, like his. instead of geometric, as Oswald's was. 

Oswald had a big head. He must have had a big brain. The top of his head was peaked and jutting, like a roof. Lovelady had a head like a monkey: smooth and oval. They were as different as night and day, and we are seeing the "cap" of Lovelady's head on Doorman. But, it's not even Lovelady from 1963; it's him from the 1950s. We don't know the exact year the picture of Young Lovelady was taken, but judging by his age in the picture, I would say 1957. 

That could be off a year in either direction, but that's all. That's as far as the range goes. And how they got it is mere speculation. I presume it was in Lovelady's Air Force file. But, they definitely had it on November 22, 1963. Remember: Billy Nolan Lovelady was a key person; he was one of their pawns, someone who was useful to them. OIC Chairman Larry Rivera has said that Lovelady was probably an alternate patsy- to use in case things didn't work out with Oswald. Hence the use of three names: Billy Nolan Lovelady. Why was it necessary to use his middle name? We don't use Bill Shelley's middle name. So, Lovelady being an alternate patsy, of course they had a big file on him. They may have had a lot more images of him which we've never seen. 

But, the point is that that matching hairline and crown are the ONLY things that match to Lovelady. Everything else about Doorman matches to Oswald, and I mean every damn thing, including his clothes. 

So, Oswald and Lovelady not only looked alike in all their features except the tops of their heads, but they also just happened to wear the exact same outfit the exact same way? 

That is preposterous! And one has to be extremely evil or extremely stupid to believe it. That is Oswald in that doorway, and there isn't a shred of doubt about it. 

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