Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Brian Heath 
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Billy Lovelady admitted that it was him in the doorway. And he still had the shirt. But of course he's in on the cover up as well, right? Oswald brought curtain rods to work, right? And the company that sold him the gun was in on it too. Right? Don't get me wrong I don't buy the lone gunman thing either. But Oswald was involved. The single bullet theory has been proven as fact. That shot was definitely possible. Robert Groden poisoned everyone's eager minds with the weird bullet trajectory. Putting the jump seats in the correct place made all the difference. Groden is now just a broken down fat guy that sells assassination material in Dealy Plaza. Personally I think your wasting your time with this nonsense with Doorman. Why not focus on the bullets, their behavior and why the bullet that went through Kennedy and Connally was mostly intact with very little damage and then bullet that went through Kennedy's head has never been found; only dozens of fragments left in what was left of his brain.

Billy Lovelady never admitted any such thing. Other people claimed that he did, but we NEVER heard him say it. And then he died suddenly of a fatal heart attack at age 41? Did the CIA heart-attack him out? They do have drugs which will mimic a heart attack. We never saw any autopsy report. And, Lovelady had a plaid shirt that he showcased repeatedly, yes, but it wasn't the shirt worn by the Doorway Man. Lovelady was dragged into this; forced into it. And he really wanted no part of it. But, they didn't exactly give him a choice. And no, Oswald didn't bring curtain rods to work. He brought only his lunch to work. And he didn't own or order any rifle. John Armstrong and Gil Jesus have proven that beyond a speck of doubt. Oswald was completely and totally innocent; he knew nothing about it and said so, and he had nothing to do with it. Even Jim Garrison said so. The Single Bullet Theory is utter nonsense. And you are a freakin' liar, as you pretend to be other than an LN. You only say that to win favor with people who might just listen to me. It's Oswald in that doorway alright, and that is absolutely certain. Here is my latest blog about it, written just today. http://oswaldinthedoorway.blogspot.com/2016/04/ive-said-many-times-that-doormans.html

This is from my Youtube video, Visible Proof. It has over 68,000 views.

Be aware that I have the ability to delete comments by jerks like him, but that fact is, that there is NOTHING that he, or anyone can say to challenge me, to dispute what I'm saying. I can destroy any argument they make. So, I am not afraid of anyone, and I can dispose of anybody. Often, I do delete nasty comments- especially when all they do is get nasty, where they don't address anything. But here, he said a few things that were germane to the subject, which is why I left it up, although everything he said was wrong. 

If these people were the least bit smart, they would just ignore me. They would stop calling attention to me. They would stop bringing traffic to me. They would just shut the pluck up. They would stop trying to out-argue me. 

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