Tuesday, April 19, 2016

For the first time, I am putting recent finds about Rafael Cruz in one post. So, he, apparently, was in Dallas watching JFK being killed, and he also, apparently, was at the Operation 40 meeting of anti-Castro Cuban operatives in Mexico City earlier in 1963. Notice the same thick glasses that Rafael Cruz was known for. 

Here is the larger image from which the cropped image of young Rafael came. He's at the upper right. 

Now, let's move on to the Operation 40 photo. First, here's a link to Wikipedia about Operation 40:


You see the guy on our right with his jacket covering his face and his arm around another guy? That's Frank Sturgis of JFK and Watergate fame. Sturgis was one of the Watergate burglars. And, we now know that the purpose of the Watergate break-in was for Nixon to find out how much the Democrats knew about his involvement in the JFK assassination. Now look at the next to the last man, far back on the right side of the table. 

My confidence has been increasing about both of these because there hasn't been much opposition, and there haven't been alternatives offered. If the young man in Dallas at the JFK motorcade was just a regular spectator, I realize it would be difficult to identify him. But, that match is spot-on perfect. And as for the the guy at the Operation 40 meeting, there is no excuse for not identifying him. If he isn't Rafael Cruz, then who is he?  
So, what are the implications of all this? It certainly shows that Rafael Cruz has not been forthcoming about his past- not by a long shot. How did he wind up in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and why hasn't he admitted that he was there? Doesn't everybody know where he was when JFK got killed? The fact is that Rafael Cruz was a CIA operative who was involved in setting up Oswald in New Orleans. It's him doing the leafletting with Oswald in New Orleans, and it's him watching JFK shortly before he got shot.  

But, the second thing about this, which is more important to me, is that this puts the CIA involvement in JFK's death in a whole new light. Rafael Cruz might as well have had "CIA" stamped to his forehead. So, if he was in Dallas, it's because what happened in Dallas was a CIA operation. And if he was at the Operation 40 meeting in Mexico City, it means that the Mexico City ruse was a CIA operation too, and Oswald was framed for both. Famed JFK researchers Mark Lane and John Armstrong both say that Oswald never went to Mexico City, and he didn't. Try to find an authentic image of Oswald in Mexico City. It doesn't exist!  It reinforces our contention that Oswald never went to Mexico City. The bottom line is that this is very bad news for the CIA, but, it is very good news for the OIC (the Oswald Innocence Campaign).  

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