Saturday, April 23, 2016

The National Enquirer is running with the Rafael Cruz knew Lee Harvey Oswald and was involved in the JFK assassination story. Here is the Miami Herald covering what the National Enquirer did. 

Let's consider what this means:

First, we can be certain now that the Cruz campaign, including Rafael Cruz, is aware of this.  In fact, the article says that the Cruz campaign is calling the allegation "garbage." But, what allegation are they calling garbage? Just the picture? But, what about the bigger question of whether Rafael Cruz was involved with the CIA, and was he involved with Lee Harvey Oswald? Did he or did he not know Oswald? 

Second, celebrities tend to sue tabloids. Didn't Hulk Hogan just get awarded $128 million? The National Enquirer has been sued- many times. And they've had to shell out millions, which gets tiresome. So, they tend to be careful. I know they have a team of lawyers who vet what they publish. The fact they published this shows that they are NOT afraid of a lawsuit. They must think that Rafael Cruz is not going to sue them. And if he tries, they are, apparently, going to defend themselves, and with confidence.   

Third, the photo that started it all is, in my view, the least certain. The one I consider absolutely iron-clad is this one:

That's him. Rafael Cruz was along the JFK motorcade route in Dallas. And he didn't live in Dallas. That means he went to Dallas for that, which is something he has never admitted doing.  But, he did it. And when you look at all the pieces, you realize, to a certainty, that Rafael Cruz was involved with the CIA at the time of the JFK assassination.  And he needs to come clean about it. He needs to tell the world everything he knows about Lee Harvey Oswald and what was done to him. And because he was CIA...

Fourth, this is very bad news for the CIA.  

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