Monday, April 18, 2016

I now have a very important message from John Hankey, who is our resident expert on the assassination of JFK Jr. 

In fact, he is not just our expert; he's the world's expert on it.

John responded to a question I asked:

There is a rumor that JFK Jr. swore he was going to expose George HW Bush as a culprit in his father's murder. Any truth to that? 

None.  I got sucked in, all the way to the bottom of this rumor.  And, I paid a hefty price.  It's a really, really well-supported rumor, but still complete BS.  I could, but won't, go on and on except to say that True Ott is the main source.

In my video, I propose these reasons why JFK Jr. was killed:

1) they felt he had it coming because of the Rabin article, and the article he published in George by Oliver Stone; 2) George W. Bush had to kill someone to make his bone, and JFK Jr. was a natural, even poetic, choice. 3) they were planning 9-11, and JFK Jr. was not a reliable journalist/publisher.  In addition, 4), they may have used him as an example to others who were told, "watch what happens to JFK Jr. this weekend.  It will happen to you next if you step a micrometer out of line." 5) As I mentioned, it allowed them to test the reliability of the FAA and Air Force individuals involved; a "blood oath" if you will, prior to using them for the 9-11 attacks. 6) JFK Jr. was also unreliable on the point of his father's murder.  The rumor is bullshit, but the threat was real enough.  Killing him amounted to removing that threat- permanently. 7) He wasn't ready to run for office; but Man!, if and when he was, he was going to be unstoppable and an implacable enemy of those who murdered his father.  That should perhaps be #1.

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