Thursday, April 28, 2016

The great thing about the name Oswald Innocence Campaign is that it says it all. If anyone hears it or sees it in print, they know exactly what we are about; what we stand for. 

We don't have a stupid name like CTKA: Citizens for the Truth about the Kennedy Assassination. The truth? Do you know anyone who is for lies? Everyone claims to be for the truth. What exactly does that communicate? What exactly does it inform about the claims of the organization? Absolutely nothing.

And we don't have a stupid name like ROKC: Reopen the Kennedy Case. Why reopen it? They opened in 1963, and then they opened it again 1976 and then they opened it a third time in 1994. What good came out of any of it? The last one probably got James Altgens and his wife killed. Evil corrupt government is incapable of investigating itself. 

The Oswald Innocence Campaign is not a conspiracy organization. If anyone asked me I would say that we are a JFK assassination research organization. That is how I would want to see it in print. Conspiracy is a derogatory term, and it is not the essence of what we are. We are more like the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. They are often asked if they are a 9/11 conspiracy group, and they say no. They make no statements or claims regarding conspiracy. They simply say that the buildings could not have collapsed the way they did due to fire or plane crashes, that there must have been energy applies to make them do what they did. They are scientists. They are professionals. The approach the phenomenon of what happened from a scientific standpoint. 

The OIC declares that Oswald was innocent, and it's based on the fact that he was standing in the doorway, clasping his hands, when the crime occurred. It doesn't matter who did it. And it isn't necessary for us to figure it out. And, our members can believe whatever they want about it. Our essence, our reason for being concerns just one thing: Lee Harvey Oswald's innocence, and the fact that he couldn't be in the doorway and up on the 6th floor at the same time. But, the beautiful thing is that it's all subsumed in our name, the Oswald Innocence Campaign. It needs no explanation. It is self-explanatory. Our name is perfect. 

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