Friday, April 22, 2016

I just added this paragraph to the previous blog about Roy Lewis:

Now keep in mind: the image is fake, but the man was really there. How did he look before they tampered with it? Well, he was mostly out of view to Altgens because he was smack against the west wall. And, you can't position yourself that way today because of the obtrusive handrail that's there now which wasn't there then. But, just assume that he was positioned the same in Altgens as he was in Wiegman (why not?) and if any part of him registered to Altgens, it was his left arm and shoulder. 

And that caused me to notice something: a possible inkspot next to his face.

Why is it so dark next to his face? Was there something there, part of the original image, which no longer belonged? We have to presume that that man was positioned the same way and doing the same thing as in Wiegman. Here he is over 4 seconds in Wiegman. 

There are no grounds to assume that in the non-existent time between Altgens and Wiegman that that man was turned the other way and looking the opposite direction. He was the same in both and as you see above. So, what part of him registered to Altgens? If anything, it would have been his left arm and shoulder.

 Remember that Doorman's left shoulder got cut off. It appears to be behind the column in Altgens. And he was much more in the visible range than the Black man. So, if Doorman was partly obscured from view by the parallax effect, then the Black Man had to be almost completely obscured from view. What part of him might have been visible? The part that was farthest out, the part bordering the demarcation between "blind" and "see" which means his left arm. Is that what they had to blacken out with the inkspot?

Perhaps that was where his elbow registered. Unfortunately, we can't test this theory because of that darn handrail. I wonder if they would let us take it down. Just kidding. 

But regardless, the fact is that that is not a real image. That Black man was there, but he was not there like that. He was not there as we see him. They slipped that head in there, and they put the shamrock underneath it as a proxy for his body, and that's what we are left with. And remember the other point: that we're seeing Doorman's cuff underneath the man's chin, which is impossible.

That's me reaching for that black man, and as you can see, my hand is nowhere near him. He's a mile away from me- so to speak. The distance is great. So, how could Doorman wind up with his wrist below the guy's chin?

It's fake. They slipped that face in there. I've been saying that for 5 years, and it's true. 

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