Monday, April 18, 2016

Rafael Cruz claims to have arrived in Austin in 1957 speaking little or no English, but he was immediately accepted at the Mathematics department of UT. And while he was earning a degree in Math, he also earned a minor in Chemical Engineering. 

So, while he was studying Math, and having to support himself, and then his family, for fifty cents an hour washing dishes, he was also able to complete a minor in Chemical Engineering???

I have not been able to locate the course requirements to earn a minor in Chemical Engineering at UT. But, I found the requirements to earn one at Columbia in New York. 

Minor in Chemical Engineering

Of the six courses required, at least three must have the CHEN, CHEE, or CHAP designator:
1. CHEN E2100: Intro to chemical engineering (3)
2. CHEE E3010: Principles of chemical engineering thermodynamics (3)
    or MSAE E3111: Thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and statistical mechanics (3)
    or MECE E3301: Thermodynamics (3)
    or BMEN E4210: Thermodynamics of biological systems (3)

3. CHEN E3110: Transport phenomena, I (3)
    or EAEE E4900: Applied transport and chemical rate phenomena (3)
    or MECE E3100: Intro to mechanics of fluids (3)
    or ENME E3161: Fluid mechanics (4)

4. CHEN E4230: Reaction kinetics and reactor design (3)
5–6. Two of the following courses:
     Any 3000-level or higher BMCH, CHEN, CHAP, or CHEE course
     APMA E3101: Linear algebra (3)
     APMA E3102: Partial differential equations (3)
     BMEN E3320: Fluid biomechanics (3)
     BMEN E4001: Quantitative physiology, I (3)
     BMEN E4002: Quantitative physiology, II (3)
     ELEN E3201: Circuit analysis (3.5)
     ELEN E3331: Electronic circuits (3)
     SIEO W3600: Intro to probability and statistics (4)
     IEOR W4105: Probability (3)
     IEOR W4106: Stochastic models (3)
     MSAE E3103: Elements of material science (3)
     MSAE E3142: Ceramics and polymers (3)

So, what do you think? It's a bunch of bollocks is what I think. 

I learned that term "bollocks" from watching V for Vendetta because often you hear characters saying, "that's bollocks." It apparently has the same meaning as the preferred American term: bull shit. 

So, I'm afraid I will have to see proof that Rafael Cruz earned a degree in Math with a minor in Chemical Engineering before I'll believe it.  

How are there enough hours in the day when he was a husband, a father, a Math student, a movie-goer, a dishwasher, a Cuban activist, and a CIA asset, to also earn a minor in Chemical Engineering, all at the same time? I find that hard to believe. 

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