Monday, April 25, 2016

My blog about the riveting article in the National Guardian about Oswald in the doorway in May 1964 has generated a very positive response on Facebook.

 8 Likes already. Not bad. Now, you might think that it's because it's a captive audience, but you would be wrong. ANYBODY with an open mind who sees this is going to be impressed, and that's because it includes this:

That is as big a money shot as I have ever seen. Here it is, practically May 2016, I got started in November 2011, and this is the most impressive thing I've seen, with the exception of Larry Rivera's overlay of the faces of Oswald and Doorman. The reason this collage is so good is that it matches perfectly. There is nothing out of sync. And the idea that they could be different and unrelated men is preposterous.

How could that not be Oswald when it's the same face, the same clothes, the same everything? And to those who want to fuss about the missing hairlines, I'll point out that if you took Oswald and Lovelady, and gave them each a low-riding hat to wear, and then compared the rest of them, they would not be twins. It's not as though they were perfect twins from the eyes down. But, these guys are perfect twins from the eyes down, and they are the same guy. The hairlines were altered. It's the one thing they did to turn Oswald into Lovelady. 

And everyone, who isn't twisted by blood or villainy, is going to be able to see it. Take a good look at this because I am going to make it famous.


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