Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Now, you see, I find it unusual that a man would wear heavy glasses for a family photo. I would think that he would take his glasses off for the picture. But, he liked the shirts with the big collars. It's not my cup of tea, but to each his own. And both times, he had a slightly toothy smile. 

On the right below is his wedding picture. Still with the heavy glasses and the big collared shirts.  
He looks happier at the motorcade than he does at the wedding. And by the way, let's consider who he is with at the motorcade. Who are the two white men in front of him? 

Especially the one in the glasses.

I wonder what the facial recognition software would say about him.
He doesn't look happy at all. Compare his expression to that of the African-American woman. He seems a bit pensive, doesn't he? Rather serious? Is he with Cruz?

Now look at this. Notice how on both he's got the full lower lip and the thinner upper lip. They are the same lips. Notice how identical the ears are. Then compare the chins. He was thinner on the left. That was taken in Cuba, and he got more to eat after he came to America. The noses match very well too. That's him: Rafael Cruz. 

Note that the location of this picture was west Main Street, just as the motorcade was reaching Dealey Plaza. They were about to turn on Houston. So basically, it was Ground Zero, approaching the Strike Zone, the ambush. 

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