Monday, April 25, 2016

I just received advance notice that the murder of JFK Jr. in 1999 is going to be covered in a new book by Stehen Requa that is being published by TrineDay Press and coming out soon.  

Let's be crystal-clear about something: Coast Guard Petty Office Todd Bergun went on local television early in the tragedy and said that JFK Jr. made contact with the Tower at 9:39 pm, AS REQUIRED BY LAW. On your descent to land, when you get to 2500 feet, you must stop descending and contact the tower and wait for permission to land before you proceed to land. That is the law, and JFK Jr. knew that, and he did that.

Todd Burgun appeared on local television and said the following: 

"All I know is that his final communication with the Air Traffic Control Tower was at 9:30 PM when he was on final approach to Martha's Vineyard."

Todd Burgun said that on local television, but only once. After that, that piece of information disappeared, and so did Todd. That is, he disappeared from public view. He was never allowed to make any further public statements. Higher-ups took over, like Air Force Colonel Stephen Roark, who said that JFK Jr. NEVER made contact with the tower. 

They changed the story. They turned on a dime and changed the story. 

The exposure of the truth about what happened to JFK Jr. is as important to me as the exposure of the truth about what happened to his father. And lately, there has been cause for optimism about both.   

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