Friday, April 29, 2016

The other thing about this collage that makes it so compelling is that it's not just the man that matches but also the clothes. And that is rare. Usually, when you are comparing images, you don't have the clothes to work with. But, here you do, and, it serves as a confirmation.  

"The man seems to match, so let's check and see if the clothes match." We can do that here. We couldn't do it with the images of Rafael Cruz, but we can do it here.

And when we do it, we see that Doorman on the right is wearing the same clothes as Oswald on the left. It is a spot-on match: the long-sleeved shirt that was not only unbuttoned but sprawled open over an exposed white t-shirt with a ruffled, sunken collar. That is definitely Oswald's outfit, and he was the only one who was dressed like that. So, who else could be wearing Oswald's clothes except Oswald?

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