Thursday, September 8, 2016

Backes has gone AWOL. Either that, or he's back at Trembling Hills getting another dose of Thorazine. He doesn't want to address what he's done, which is submit an image which doesn't match Jack Ruby, as we know him from other images, nor does it match the "Ruby" from the garage.  

Notice how burly the man on the right is. Notice how clean and square his neckline is. They're obviously different men. 

The man on the right is BALD. Ruby was BALDING.

I'm not even sure these two are the same man:

The man on the left seems to have longer hair; the man on the right seems to have a rounder head.

Here is an image of Detective LC Graves with "Ruby's" gun, which he had taken away from him:

The other men are all bearing down on "Ruby" where they are grabbing him and restraining him. Grabbing him and restraining him. Grabbing him and restraining him. Grabbing him and restraining him.  Is this guy below being grabbed and restrained?

So, for multiple reasons, that guy was not Ruby the shooter. But, how could he even be in that spot if that's where Ruby the shooter is supposed to be? How could there be room for this guy in the film? There isn't.

It's all fake, Backes. You submitted fake imagery. In the year of Our Lord 2016, you submitted new fake imagery from the JFK assassination. 

Who gave it to you, Backes?  Who put you up to it?  Who did this? 

What an appalling and conspicuous display of film fakery. 

You should be embarrassed, Backes, and ashamed. 

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