Thursday, September 8, 2016

Backes, you own this. In 53 years, you are the only person to claim that this was Oswald's shooter, AKA Jack Ruby. 

But, it's obvious to anyone who is honest that that guy on the left is a different man from Oswald's shooter, who is on the right.

Here's the whole frame:

Obviously, he's not the shooter. After the shooting, the shooter was mauled by the cops. He was attacked. He was pounced upon. I'm not saying they were trying to hurt him, but they weren't going easy on him; it looked pretty rough. But, this guy's just walking along. So, who is he? He's definitely not the shooter. Stop the nonsense. But, since he's not the shooter, was he even there? How does he fit into the story? 

The shooter was portly; this other guy wasn't.

You really get the sense that "Ruby" on the right was fat. You don't get that impression of the other guy.

So, who was he, and was he really there? I don't know who he was, but I strongly doubt that he was there. I am much more inclined to think that it's another piece of phony imagery added to yet another JFK-related film. And if so, it must have been done VERY recently. Why would they have done it before now? It wasn't needed until now. 

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