Monday, September 5, 2016

Backes, you have no knowledge that John Hinckley wasn't handcuffed, just as you have no knowledge that the Loveladys provided the HSCA with any photographs, yet you say it anyway because you're a lying scumbag. 

I already posted this image in which Hinckley's stiff arms sure looks like they are secured. And why would those cops be looking elsewhere, indifferent to him, if they didn't know that he was rendered harmless? He looks like he is in restraints. 

This is his mug shot. To me, his wrist looks discolored, like Oswald's, from having been cuffed.

So, my case for saying that he was cuffed is strong. He was routinely cuffed.

And here's a piece of irony. Hinckley stood like Oswald with his hands clasped in front, except that in the doorway, Oswald did it left over right.

That is what Oswald was doing on the left in the doorway: clasping his hands left over right, just as he was doing in the image on the right. It was his habit, and he did it in the doorway. It wasn't Lovelady's habit. Lovelady liked to clasp his hands behind his back. That was his habit. To each his own.

How ironic that Lovelady was posing as Doorman, but he didn't get the handclasp right. Oh well. You lose again, Backes. Dumb pluck. 

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