Monday, September 5, 2016

The images of Hinckley routinely cuffed even at peaceful times makes it more likely that in the immediate aftermath of his violent act that he would be cuffed. Why cuff him to take him to court but not immediately after he fired a gun seriously wounding several people, including the President of the United States?

Here is an article about the Reagan shooting from CNN.

This is from that article:

March 30, 1981 - At 2:25 pm EST, President Ronald Reagan comes out of the Hilton Hotel in Washington. Hinckley is waiting for him in the crowd and begins shooting. One bullet hits Reagan in his left lung. Also injured are Press Secretary James Brady, Secret Service agent Timothy J. McCarthy and Washington police officer Thomas K. Delahanty. Brady is shot in the head and partially paralyzed. Hinckley is handcuffed moments after firing six shots at Reagan from almost point-blank range.

Hinckley is handcuffed moments after firing six shots at Reagan. 

Now, that settles it, you dirty mudderpluckers.  Go to Hell. 

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