Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"I can't remember what happened from the time I reached the bottom of the ramp until the police officers had me on the ground." 

Jack Ruby, in his last interview before dying. 

Now why, if he shot Oswald, would he not remember the act of doing it? What is the explanation for that? That his mind was blocking it out? That is not an explanation. 

Plus, he said "on the ground", that the police officers on the ground. What does that bring to mind? To me, it brings to mind something like this:

Now, according to Backes, police didn't have him on the ground at all, that they just walked him out of the garage. Here he is standing right in the midst of the ruckus.

And here he is walking into the building.

And how could that guy be the shooter when the shooter had this long curling hair in back that instead of being tapered when horizontally across the back of his head.

How can that possibly be the same hair? 

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