Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This is weird. I have been saying for a long time that I dispute the claim that the man shooting Oswald in the garage was Jack Ruby. And, it is absolutely undeniable that we don't get enough of a view of his face to visually confirm that he is Ruby. There isn't enough visual data in the images of him to confirm, with our own eyes, that he is Ruby. We just have to take the word of authority.
Well now, suddenly, Joseph Backes, who pretends to be an Oswald defender but isn't really, has discovered some frames of the shooter's face from the Bill Lord film that have never been seen before. Supposedly, right in the middle of the ruckus, right in the middle of the wild, pandemonious, frantic, chaotic melee that broke out right after the shooting, "Ruby" turned and posed for the camera. Isn't that convenient?
You can see the image on my blog. I deny that the guy was Ruby, and I'm not even sure he's real. I suspect he is more photographic flim-flam and probably of recent origin.

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