Monday, September 5, 2016

Richard Hooke's contention that Oswald was involved with the killers in some way is ridiculous, and it needs to be soundly rejected. 

And let's remember that you don't have to kill someone to be convicted as an accomplice to murder. You probably won't get the death penalty, but you could spend a lot of time in prison. Terry Nichols is still in prison for helping Timothy McVeigh pack the fertilizer, and I'll be surprised if they ever let him out. Likewise, if Oswald prepped the rifle that was used to kill Kennedy, he would certainly be guilty, and he, like Nichols, would also be convicted. 

Richard has the childish notion that Oswald was a secret, undercover intelligence agent and that he was working the JFK assassination plot from the inside. But, there are so many things wrong with that idea, it's comical. First, undercover agents get paid. They receive salaries. Oswald wasn't getting one- just whatever he made at his grunt labor jobs. For two, the whole idea in that situation, were it true, is that the undercover agent sabotages the plot and saves the day: he prevents the catastrophe. But, what did Oswald do, according to Richard? He prepped the rifle for Malcolm Wallace and then went downstairs to watch Kennedy being slaughtered. It never went that way in The Man from Uncle or in Mission Impossible. Those guys always saved the day. 

Oswald's movements during the lunch break are easily identified. He was seen by Lovelady and others as they were coming down the elevator at the start of the lunch break. Oswald asked them to hold the elevator for him, but they didn't. Presumably, Oswald came down on the next one. That was at 11:45. Bill Shelley reported seeing Oswald on the first floor at 11:50. Eddie Piper reported seeing Oswald on the first floor at 12:00 Noon. 

Now, we know that Oswald ate his lunch because he said he did. He brought it with him from Ruth Paine's house. He described the contents: cheese sandwiches and an apple. His wife Marina confirmed that he brought a lunch. And he ate it in the first floor lunch room also called the Domino room, since some of the men played dominoes in there. No one ever said that Oswald played dominoes. But, several men said that when he finished eating lunch, he often read the newspaper, which was in there, until it was time to go back to work. Oswald told Fritz that he ate  his lunch in the first floor lunch room, and it was at a time that Junior Jarman and Harold Norman (whom he described as a short negro) were around. He saw them while he was eating lunch, presumably because they came in there. Neither confirmed seeing Oswald in there (although I will point out that Professor Gerald McKnight told me that in an early police report that Jarman did confirm seeing Oswald in there) but regardless, Oswald correctly identified 2 out 75 TSBD employees who did, in fact, go in there. And they were in there early in the lunch break. After they were in there, they went outside and found a place to watch the motorcade from the street. But then, they changed their minds and walked around the block to the back entrance and reentered the building, taking the elevator up to the 5th floor. Then, they had to walk across the fifth floor to the southeast corner, where they watched the motorcade from a window right below the Sniper's Nest. Bonnie Ray Williams joined them. 

So, since they had to do all that after their encounter with Oswald, it means that their encounter with Oswald must have happened early in the lunch break. And they both confirmed that they were in that lunch room early- at the beginning of the lunch break.

So, Oswald got off work. He went and ate his lunch in the 1st floor lunch room. After that, he probably read the newspaper, as he often did. And then, he sauntered over to the doorway where he was spotted by Carolyn Arnold minutes before the shooting. The original FBI report said it was about 12:15, but Dr. McKnight is convinced that she didn't tell them that, that what she said was 12:25. FBI Agent Richard Henderson changed it to 12:15 to give Oswald sufficient time to get upstairs to kill, according to Dr. McKnight, and which I accept as being logical and most likely.

But, let's get back to Bonnie Ray Williams. He was on the 6th floor until practically the last minute. He ate his lunch on the 6th floor. It's strange that he didn't bump into Malcolm Wallace, Loy Factor, etc. And Bonnie Ray had every intention of watching the motorcade from the 6th floor window, and he expected his friends to join him there. But, when he heard them moving around on the 5th floor very shortly before the shooting, he realized that they were down there, and he went down one flight of stairs to be with them. But, until he left, I don't see how anybody could have been up on the 6th floor doing anything since Bonnie Ray was up there himself, drinking his Dr. Pepper and eating his fried chicken.  

Oswald arrived at work that morning not knowing that the Presidential motorcade would be passing the building. He asked James Jarman why people were gathering on the sidewalk outside. That is in Jarman's testimony. And you can't assume that Oswald was putting on an act for Jarman in order to create an ignorance alibi for himself. That's because he was arrested, and if he had done that, then surely he would have used it. "Me? You think I did it? I didn't even know the President was going to be riding by today. Ask Junior Jarman. He'll tell you that I asked him why people were gathering on the sidewalk." 

What right does anyone have to assume that Oswald was creating an ignorance alibi for himself when he didn't use it?  Oswald brought up Jarman only to establish when he ate lunch. He never related to police his conversation with Jarman about the crowd gathering outside. The police learned about it from Jarman; not Oswald. 

Oswald did NOT know, early that morning, that JFK was going to be passing the TSBD that day.

All claims that Oswald tried to tell authorities about the assassination plot are false. He did not send any telex. And there is no reason to think that his note to James Hosty concerned the JFK assassination. Hosty was there at the first interrogation. Don't you think if Oswald had warned Hosty in writing that he would have said so? "Agent Hosty, you know that I tried to warn you about this. I left a note for you at the FBI office here in Dallas." Oswald never said that, and there was Hosty sitting right across from him. 

Oswald didn't know anything about the assassination. Nothing. Jim Garrison said that he knew nothing about it. And Oswald told the whole world that he knew nothing about it: "I don't know what this situation is about. Nobody has told me anything. I only know that I am accused of a murdering a policeman. I know nothing more than that." That's what Oswald said, and he was being truthful. I don't know how good a judge you are of people, but as I watch him saying it, I see a guy telling the truth. 

According to Richard Hooke, Oswald was up on the 6th floor with the killers, where he prepped the rifle for one of them, Then, even though he was expected to shoot, he slipped away, abandoning them, and watched the slaughter from the doorway. But then, he hooked up with them again afterwards, and apparently, there were no hard feelings on their part. They forgave him. And then, in Richard's imagination, Oswald escaped Dealey Plaza with them and was all prepared to flee the country with them on a small plane departing from Redbird Airport (abandoning his family), which he would have done if he wasn't arrested, according to Richard. 

And then, according to Richard, after his arrest, Oswald protected the killers by not revealing who they were and being totally untruthful to law enforcement. And, Richard thinks Oswald deserves some kind of award for this.

It is all fiction. It is all nonsense. It is all noise. Oswald had no involvement in the JFK assassination except as the patsy. The conspirators and his handlers didn't tell him anything. They didn't give him anything to do. They had other people to do the things that had to be done. His job was just to be framed and take the blame, and that's all. Nothing else. 

There isn't a scintilla of evidence that Oswald knew or had ever met Malcolm Wallace or had even heard of him. 

If Richard Hooke's story were true, it would mean that Oswald was guilty as an accessory to murder. He definitely would have been prosecuted and convicted and punished. Think about John Wilkes Booth killing Lincoln. Wilkes shot and killed Lincoln. Nobody seems to doubt that. And, Wilkes died shortly thereafter himself in a house fire. But, quite a few of the people he conspired with were put to death by hanging, including one woman. 

So, when it comes to killing the President of the United States, the historical record shows that even accessories to it were, in fact, put to death.   

Richard Hooke no longer belongs in any group that espouses Oswald's innocence because he does not espouse Oswald's innocence. He espouses Oswald's guilt. He has Oswald collaborating with killers and lying to police. He makes Oswald an accomplice to murder. I cannot too strongly denounce what Richard Hooke is saying. But, the good news is that I haven't met a single person yet who believes him. Thank God. 

Oswald was innocent. Completely and totally innocent. 

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