Monday, September 5, 2016

To me, it sure looks like John Hinckley is handcuffed. Why else would his arms be like that? Voluntarily?

 And how can anyone claim to know that Bremer wasn't handcuffed? Here he is with a cop neck-cuffing him with his arm.

What do you think followed that?

Notice that somebody had his left arm out like he's about to do something with it.

So, who can claim to know that Bremer wasn't cuffed, and on what basis?

Oh, and Backes, look at this again because it's telling you something. It's telling you that if you claim to advocate that Oswald was innocent that you MUST recognize photographic alteration in the JFK assassination, and not just photographic alteration, but photographic alteration that was done BEFORE the JFK assassination even happened. 

That's the alleged murder weapon, Backes, which Oswald denied ordering, owning, or ever seeing. So, since he's brandishing it there in the picture, if the picture is real, how could he be innocent? So, if you think he's innocent, you must admit that the picture is fake. And if they were already altering photos in the JFK assassination before it even happened, then they were certainly ready and prepared to alter photos AFTER it happened. 

You're stupid, Backes. You were born stupid. You live stupid. And I bet you even dream stupid. 

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