Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There is so much photographic and film alteration in the JFK assassination, it's dizzying. 

Here is the NBC footage of Oswald being shot, which was shown on the TODAY show, supposedly live. Of course, I doubt that.

But, I just want you to notice one thing that happens at the beginning: the speed at which Oswald goes down. You see "Ruby" shoot Oswald, and Oswald goes back. Then suddenly, Oswald goes straight down like a freight elevator at the TSBD.


Why would he fall in that manner, and how could he fall as fast as he appears to be doing it? It's like a swoosh. Or you could say a zip. He just vanishes.

So, what happens is that Oswald is shot from the side. Not the front but the side. And that isn't debatable. The entrance wound was in the left rib cage, and the bullet settled right below the skin of the right rib cage. So, he was shot from left to right. But, his immediate reaction was to cringe forward. Then, for some reason, he veered back. He changed direction. Yet, the impact of the bullet could only have had one direction. But below, we see Oswald just before he starts his elevator ride down.

Now, there are no clear images of him after this. It's all a blur, and it's because he is moving so fast. 

You see how Oswald has a very linear look there, like he is going straight down like an elevator. He was.

After that, I cannot capture him. Even though I have it set on one-quarter speed, I can't do it fast enough.

He's just gone. Vanished. And when you watch it at regular speed, you get the idea that some trick door opened in the floor and something sucked Oswald down into it. It is completely and totally unrealistic. Even a gravitational fall requires acceleration. Do you know how long it takes a sky diver to reach terminal velocity? 15 seconds, although he reaches 90% of terminal velocity in 8 seconds. But still, we're talking about what looks like 8 nanoseconds here. So, how could Oswald have fallen so fast? He didn't. I don't know exactly what happened to him, but this is definitely a photographic trick. It is breathtaking to think about all the photographic and film altering they did for the JFK assassination. 

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