Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Remember that the shooter wore a hat, low on his head, which came off during the wild scuffle, which was truly pandemonium. 

There they are struggling. What do you think happened after that? "Ruby" was scurried into the building so fast it could make your head spin. So, how could there possibly have been opportunity to capture him calmly gazing at the camera during the melee? 

It is just preposterous. This is as outrageous as anything I have heard. It's hardly a surprise that no one has ever claimed it before because who would want to claim it? It's just ridiculous. We know from watching the films that it was like they dragged him along in a headlock. It wasn't like this:

I expect crazy stuff from these desperate people, but this one takes the cake. They've come up with this shit after 53 years? Holy Mother of Almighty God.  Ruby was wrestled into the building. He was swept up, dragged along, manhandled, and overrun. He never had that kind of breathing room in the midst of it. Watch the films. It is mind-boggling that they would try to claim this, and at this late date.  

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