Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Watch the NBC version of Oswald's shooting. It happens very fast. And remember, this was supposed to be live, which would mean that they didn't cut any of it out. Right? 

What happens, what you see, is this: "Ruby" jumps out and shoots Oswald in the side. Then he leaps in front of him. Oswald responds by first cringing forward, then jumping back, and then he goes straight down like an elevator at lightening speed. Faster than a speeding bullet, as they said of Superman. Then, "Ruby" dives into the center of the men in front of him. He leaps into them, and they smother him. And then, they and he are just gone; swifted away, taking him with them. Now watch it.


So, after having watched that, and knowing that they were on top of Ruby, all these big, tall men, and I mean where they were pawing him, manhandling him, how, in the midst of it, could there have been a shot like this?

It's just ridiculous. I don't think there has been anything more outrageous than this, and there has been a lot of outrageous stuff. 

They are claiming this, while denying Oswald in the doorway?

Holy Virgin Mother of Almighty God

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