Monday, April 11, 2016

It is very satisfying to see that the truth about the death of Jane Stanford is winning out. If you do a Google search on the death of Jane Stanford, and you'll find numerous sites which state that she was murdered- poisoned by strychnine.  And she was.

That was 1905, but as in the JFK case which followed, there was a massive attempt at a cover-up which involved government, media, and Stanford University. The corrupt President of Stanford, David Starr Jordan, who was one of the most vocal eugenicists in the country (he favored forced sterilization of women of color) went to Hawaii where she had died, and he found a corrupt M.D. to dispute the findings of the coroner's office, which said that she died of strychnine poisoning. Do you think maybe it was because they found strychnine in her and in the bicarbonate she ingested? But, this corrupt doctor (who was richly paid) said that she died of "heart failure" from natural cauess, even though he had never seen her, and he never had access to any pathology tests. In other words, just as the corrupt Dr. Lattimer pressured a couple of MDs to sign onto his ridiculous 'Thorburn reaction" theory in reference to JFK, Dr. Jordan did the same with a corrupt doctor in Hawaii to claim that Jane died of natural causes. Of course, the media supported him all the way- just as they supported Lattimer. 

But, despite collusion at the highest levels (and I mean as high as President Teddy Roosevelt and John D. Rockefeller) they failed. The killers of Jane Stanford and their accomplices in the media failed to hide what they did. Here it is over a century later- which is admittedly a long time- but the evil of their crime and wickedness of their cover-up is now naked for all to see. The truth has won. All that effort, all that conniving, all that conspiracy, and for what? Nothing. It failed and failed miserably. That Jane Stanford was murdered is now the prevailing opinion about the cause of her death, and it is growing in dominance every day. 

This is very encouraging. It goes to show that the other side really has no chance- not in the Jane Stanford case, and not in the John Kennedy case. In the Kennedy case, the fact that Oswald was innocent and standing in the doorway at the time of the shots has become the mainstream position among Oswald defenders. You hardly ever hear anything about any other place for him. Among those who are fighting us, the ones claiming to be LNs of course place him on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy, but among those claiming to be CTs, they don't offer an alternative. Why bother? 

We are going to do a lot for Jane Stanford. We are going to get her full justice. We are going to make docu-drama (that's right, a film) that is going to depict exactly what happened to her and what happened after she was killed, and most important, the world-stage consequences that followed her death. The killing of Jane Stanford was intricately woven to the major unfolding of the bloody events of the 20th century- which was by far the bloodiest century in human history, and no other century even comes close. Her death was the first political assassination of the 20th century.  

Do you remember Nazi Eugenics? Well, it started here in the good old USA. Jane Stanford was trying to stop it. It's one of the reasons they killed her. But another was that they wanted to steal Stanford University- and they did. They wanted it become an academic instrument and showpiece of the Elites. And as far away as it was, being tucked safely on the West Coast, it would serve a purpose for events occurring in Washington, New York, London and all across Europe as World War 1 exploded. What they got out of killing Jane Stanford was the course of the 20th century as we know it. 

But, that story will be told powerfully in the movie that we make. Right now, I just want send a message to my enemies: David Starr Jordan, John D. Rockefeller, Teddy Roosevelt, and the other movers and shakers (all eugenicists) who were behind the killing of Jane Stanford, they lost. Their efforts were in vain. They tried to cover up the heinous act, but they failed. My message to you is: you are failing too. The truth about the JFK assassination- that Oswald was innocent and standing in the doorway at the time of the shots- is on an irrevocable course to worldwide recognition and victory. You can't stop it. It can't be stopped. Not by your crimes. Not by your lies. Not by your dastardly acts. Nothing can stop it. It will prevail, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. 

We are going to make that film about Jane Stanford, and it's going to go up to JFK and beyond. The two are directly connected: Jane Stanford and John Kennedy. That's right. We are going to set the record straight and tie it all together. And, we won't be getting killed in any alleys like poor Sal Mineo. He was naive and reckless about the danger he was in; but we aren't. 

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