Monday, April 11, 2016

It's unfortunate that "conspiracy" has become the basis on which rejection of official stories is defined. In the case of 9/11, it doesn't even make sense because the official story is a conspiracy. So, it's a question of which conspiracy you want to believe.

But, even in the case of JFK, it doesn't make sense. Because: you can believe in conspiracy and still consider Oswald guilty. The essence of the case isn't conspiracy; it's Oswald innocence or guilt. And that's why I NEVER call myself a "conspiracy theorist." I call myself an Oswald defender. I also like the term JFK truther. 

But, among those who reject the official JFK story, how many also reject the official RFK story and the official MLK story? From what I've seen, I would say 100%. I haven't met anybody who says the official JFK story is a lie, but the RFK murder went down just as they said- that ol' Sirhan Sirhan did it, and did it alone. And likewise with MLK.  

So, the 1960s assassinations are a package deal. 

But, it's a little different for 9/11. It seems that most JFK truthers are also 9/11 truthers. But, there are a couple of exceptions that I know of.  

I know David Lifton accepts the official 9/11 story and gets adamant with those who challenge it. Lifton is best known for his book about the theft of JFK's body and the performance of the "pre-autopsy" to alter his wounds.  The name of his book is Best Evidence.    

Another guy in the same category is Aaron Pressman. I don't think he's written any books, but he's active online. He disputes the official story of JFK but ridicules those who don't accept the official story of 9/11.

But, I have nothing but contempt for such individuals because the official 9/11 story is every bit as preposterous as the official JFK story. To accept the official 9/11 story displays a complete disregard for objectivity and rationality. Thankfully, there aren't too many of them.

Of the "conspiracies" that are widely followed (and again, I don't like the term) I support just about all of them, including the more obscure ones like John Lennon and JFK Jr. which haven't caught the public's attention as much. I certainly think that Vince Foster was murdered. Who doesn't? And I am very open to some that are rarely discussed, such as Ron Brown.

The moon landings? Yes, I dispute them. The Boston bombings? Yes, definitely. Sandy Hook? Absolutely. The USS Liberty? Defiantly yes. 

I am NOT into any of the UFO stuff. 

And another one I do not support is the Paul McCartney one. It's hard enough to accept that they could have found someone who looked that much like him. But, to have also had his talent? Not just to play the music and sing the songs but to create the music from scratch? That's the hardest part, you know. How often do you think a musical prodigy like Paul McCartney comes along? If you said he was one in a million, it would be a gross understatement. It's not as though one in every million people has the musical talent of Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney wrote a lot of great songs AFTER he supposedly died. So, this other guy, not only looked strikingly like him but also sounded like him and was able to create like him? What are the mathematical odds of that?

By the way, this matter could be resolved overnight by comparing the DNA of Paul McCartney to that of Mike McCartney, his younger brother, who also goes by Mike McGear.

So, I wish the good folks would drop that one. And to those who are enthused about it and want to say, "what about this and what about that?" I say: learn to pick your battles. Don't we have enough on our hands with JFK, RFK, MLK, 9/11, etc.? It's like in gin rummy; you need to discard your weak cards. And that one is weak. We don't need it, and our hand is better off without it. Just let it go. 

Of course, there are many more. For instance, I don't accept the suicide of the DC Madam, Debra Paltry. Who would kill herself knowing that her own decrepit mother would be the one to find her swinging from the rafters? And that is what happened. Who would do that to their own mother? Besides, Debra had so much to live for; she wanted to fight. I believe she was killed to protect the powerful men who were among her clients. Here's an article about it. 

It's good to know that the demise of any major conspiracy, such as JFK, would likely have the effect of dragging down the others quickly. The iron grip that government and media have on the flow of information could get busted up. The existence of the Internet makes it a whole new world. That one isn't theirs. It's one of the reasons why this is such an interesting and volatile time to be alive. I believe change could come very quickly- to the reigns of power, to the financial markets, and you could say the whole order of the world. It's great to be alive and with the hope of living long enough to see how it all unfolds. That's why, unlike Sal Mineo, I play it safe and am on-guard 24/7. I take the risk to my life very seriously.   


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