Monday, April 18, 2016

"The first Department of Computer Sciences in the United States was established at Purdue University in October 1962."

It means that Computer Science at UT must have started after that. Rafael Cruz started at UT in 1957 and he was finished there and left for New Orleans in late 1962 or early 1963.  So, how much could he have learned about computing? - a field in which he supposedly became an expert in seismic analysis. 

Reports are that Rafael Cruz moved to New Orleans shortly after the birth of his second daughter, Roxanna. She was born on November 18, 1962. 

Rafael Cruz was studying for a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics which is a 4 year program. So, if he started his studies in 1957, it makes sense that he would be finished by then. And he didn't hang around in Austin. He went to New Orleans.

But, what was Rafael Cruz doing in New Orleans for the first few years that he was there? - because there are no references to him working at GeoCom until 1966. 

But, let's go back to his UT days. He arrived at UT Austin speaking little or no English. So, reportedly, he got enrolled in a Math program at a major university that was being taught in a language he couldn't speak or understand. So, what did he do about that? 

That fall, he enrolled at UT as a math major with a minor in chemical engineering. He also decided to teach himself English. In those days, he points out, they didn’t kick you out of the theater after the movie. So he could sit in the air-conditioning for hours, watching the same movies three times in a row, trying to associate words with actions and objects. He says he went every day for a month and learned the language “just like a baby.” 

Shades of Oswald teaching himself Russian with a dictionary and newspapers? You believe that? If you do, then I suggest you try it yourself. Go to Russia and sit in a theater for hours every day. Do it for a month. Then see how well you can speak Russian afterwards. Udachi.

And notice that they don't distinguish between him enrolling at UT and sitting in the movies for hours every day for a month. How do you do that? I mean: how are there enough hours in the day to do that? 

But, getting back to Rafael's arrival in New Orleans, what did he do there the first few years? How did he support himself and his kids? 

It's been widely reported that Rafael Cruz was in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Look at this famous photo of the motorcade.

Look at the guy in the upper right corner:

Is that Rafael Cruz?

That is him! Rafael Cruz was in Dealey Plaza watching JFK getting his brain blown out, which is something he has never admitted or talked about. 

What were you doing there, Rafael? Tell us everything about your involvement with the CIA. Did you know Oswald in New Orleans? And did you know what they were doing to him? Were you part of it?  

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