Tuesday, April 12, 2016

There is a fundamental difference between the case of Jane Stanford, who was murdered in 1905, and that of John Kennedy, but first consider the likenesses:

In both cases, they were killed by the Elites. In both, they got away with it because the Elites controlled the press- where they couldn't possibly have gotten away with it without the full cooperation of the press. In both, there was subsequent killing to cover up the primary murder (Isaac Requa in the case of Jane Stanford; read Hit List by Richard Belzer for the numerous post-JFK murders). Both involved a corrupt doctor making outrageously false medical claims (John Lattimer in JFK, and Ernest Waterhouse in Jane Stanford). Both involved a powerful, highly connected advocate for the lie who was, in fact, involved in the kill (Stanford President David Starr Jordan in the case of Jane Stanford and former CIA Chief and Warren Commissioner Allen Dulles in the case of JFK- read The Devil's Chessboard by David Talbot). 

I'm sure I could think of more parallels between the two.

But, here's the difference: In the case of Jane Stanford, today, it's widely recognized that she was, in fact, murdered, and that the official story- that she died of natural causes- is a lie. 

I did a Google search, and all I typed in was: Jane Stanford. This is what I got:

Dr. Robert Cutler, a neurologist and professor at Stanford University, was like the Mark Lane of the Jane Stanford case. He wrote the book which ignited public awareness of the truth- that she was murdered and the official story is a lie. 

But, who, today, is fighting the truth in the Jane Stanford case? NOBODY! Who is defending the official story of her death? NOBODY! Who is the John McAdams of the Jane Stanford case- the bully who is out disparaging and ridiculing all doubters? THERE ISN'T ANY! Who is going around setting up attack websites and committing crimes against those who are advocating that Jane Stanford was murdered? NOBODY IS. 

The entire Establishment is laying off this. They're not sticking their goons on anybody. They are not defending the official story. They are just covering their faces and looking the other way. They don't want to get into this. They don't want to butt heads with anybody over it. There are no David Von Peins or SV Andersons in the Jane Stanford case. It's tacitly admitted by everyone that she was murdered. In 2016, there is NO ONE defending the official story of her death.

Do you realize what it means? It means that it took over a century, but truth won out. The liars lost. Power and money lost. The "deep state" lost. All that control; all that influence; all that might- it was for naught. They couldn't pull it off. Their bloodied malfeasance has been exposed. They lost.

I could make another analogy: to the US in the Vietnam War. The US had overwhelming military superiority against the Vietcong. The US inflicted overwhelmingly greater casualties: deaths in the millions versus deaths in the thousands. Money spent prosecuting the war? Forget about it. It's like comparing dollars to pennies. And viciousness? We poisoned their water reservoirs, their forests, and their fields for growing food; we targeted civilians; and the fact is: there is more concrete evidence that the United States engaged in torture than the Vietcong did. Here is an article about it by S. Brian Willson:


But, despite all that, the U.S. lost the war, and the Vietcong won. The U.S. got driven out, and the Vietnamese got their country back. A third-world country beat the United States of America in the throes of war. 

Well, likewise, a few individuals, like Robert Cutler and Stephen Requa, who lacked money, power, influence, etc., have won the war for Jane Stanford truth, and the other side has essentially given up. "No mas, no mas." They aren't fighting it. It's like they're in Saigon rushing to the rooftop to board the helicopter.

What's the point? I'll tell you the point. The point is that the same thing is going to happen in the JFK case. And consider the difference in time. It's been 111 years since the Elites killed Jane Stanford. It's only been 53 since they killed John Kennedy. 

Granted, at this point in time, the Elites are still fighting JFK truth- tooth and nail, vicious as hell. I suspect they are fighting it as hard today as they ever have- and with more people. But, it's futile. The outcome is certain. The survival of the official story is hopeless. Truth will prevail. 

And just as today, NOBODY is defending David Starr Jordan, in the future, no one will be defending Allen Dulles, Lyndon Johnson, and the other monsters who did it, who killed John F. Kennedy.

Right now, there is a campaign underway to strip the name of David Starr Jordan from a middle school in Palo Alto, California. Consider it a peak at the future.  


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