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This very interesting letter was circulated within the OIC today, written by senior member from Scotland Jim Macgregor, who is the co-author of Hidden History which tells the true history of the origins of World War 1. But, this letter is in regard to what I have been writing about the murder of Jane Stanford.

Timely for me that Ralph should send this about Jane Stanford only a few days after his email about the anti-Darwin group which piqued my interest greatly.

Having begun research after reading Cutler's book, The Mysterious Death of Jane Stanford, at the turn of the year, it has become abundantly clear to me that Jane Stanford's murder is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to David Starr Jordan's nefarious activities. I suspect that her murder was more about protecting Jordan's reputation than it was about retaining control of Stanford, given the roles he played outside the University itself. He was involved at the highest level both politically and in the establishment of the Eugenics movement. If he had been unseated from his position at Stanford in 1905, the consequences would have been disastrous for the Elites. Zoology and agriculture provided a conveniently benign face for racial hygiene research, and the roots of a new global project to create a master race were being established. Jordan was crucial to the process, and his credibility needed to remain intact.

As well as being recruited for the post at Stanford by the Skull and Bones 'revolutionary trio' member Andrew White, Jordan was the first chair of the Eugenics branch of the American Breeders Association and was partially responsible for the establishment of the Eugenics Records Office at Cold Springs Harbour, New York. CSH was established in 1902 as a govt research facility using $10m of JP Morgan money via the Carnegie Institute. The plans for sterilization and euthanasia legislation were already underway but with no real scientific evidence to back them, hundreds of millions of dollars would eventually be plowed into creating the necessary evidence-base, including Harriman and Rockefeller money. Over 60,000 Americans would be sterilized, sexually segregated, or euthanized, with Jordan's home state of Indiana being the first to pass the legislation. California was third. (This proven method would be used again later in the century for the creation of evidence around man-made global warming). 

In 1912 the first international Eugenics conference was held in London and was timed to coincide with Jordan's visit to London. This is indicative of his status and stature at the time. Clarence Darwin's son was appointed president, VPs included David Starr Jordan, Charles Davenport (another leading American eugenicist who was a biologist) and Alexander Graham Bell. Winston Churchill represented the King of England. Invitations were sent by the US Secretary of State, Philander Knox. 

Jordan also held clout outside science, helping to establish the World Peace Foundation along with Edwin Mead, who was a proponent of the philosophy of Russian crypto-jew and railway oligarch Jan Gotlib Bloch. (Father of the 'Jewish peace movement (read controlled opposition), Bloch was an ally of Theo Hertzl and had the ear of Tsar Nicholas II. It is likely although as yet unproven that Bloch funded Jordan directly. Bloch believed that war would perpetuate economic Armageddon. (Interestingly he also 'foresaw' the holocaust and the need for the Belgian relief efforts)). Along with Mead and Jordan sat Norman Angell who believed that "financiers are the guardians of peace". Balfour and Esher were so impressed and influenced by the ideas of the group that, in response, they set up the Garton Foundation in the UK. In a move that raised many eyebrows the Garton foundation was allocated responsibility for the UK govt's official post-WW1 report on the impact of the war on shipping. This included the cover up of the Belgian relief efforts.
The World Peace Foundation evolved to become today's UN although it still exists in some form at Tuft's.

I do not believe the official narrative that the Elite's eugenics movement died after WW2. It went underground and is thriving today. The flooding of Europe with migrants is part of the final plan to create two 'races' of human. The Jewish/elite bloodlines and the master race and the goyim. This leads neatly back to the founding fathers of eugenics and those great men of science who influenced and established Jordan including Humboldt and Cuvier. Of all the things I have read so far, this strikes me as the most peculiar: The one belief they held in common was Polygenesis, and this remained even AFTER Darwin published Origin of the Species in 1859. Darwin's cousin and 'big daddy' of eugenics Francis Galton developed the theory of Social Darwnisim which neatly endorsed the eugenics movement. The evidence so far would seem to suggest that Darwin and Mendel's theories were adopted for dissemination to the general populace and the idea of polygenesis was removed from the table and kept by the Elite.  It is my intention to trace the movement to the present day.

As a Zoologist, criticism of Darwin was my equivalent of blasphemy but I now have reason to believe that he was in on the act too. I was tremendously excited to read about the anti-Darwin group - Ralph could you send me any more information or a contact? I am keen not to spend time covering ground that has already been excavated. 

It is impossible to summarise Jordan's significance in a few paragraphs, and I still have a huge amount of material to read but there will be at least a book's worth of material on Jordan alone. Hopefully this will give an outline of his relevance to the PTB. It is perhaps the case that the lack of goons firefighting the accusations is because the tack that he murdered Jane to "protect his job" is more than acceptable to the Elite. If people feel like they have scored a victory on that front it is likely that they will leave it alone and move onto something else.

If anyone would like to discuss any of the above further please drop me a line.


Some recommended reading:

The American Peace Movement and Social Reform, 1898 - 1918. C Roland Marchand
America's Secret Establishment. Antony Sutton
War Against The Weak - Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race. Edwin Black
Darwinism, War and History. Paul Crook
Jewish Eugenics. John Glad
The Colors of Zion. George Burnstein
The Idea of Race. Robert Bernasconi.

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