Thursday, April 14, 2016

We have a 74th senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, and he is Professor Thomas Clancy from the Georgia State University at Albany in Albany, Georgia.

His PhD is in English, but he has taught in the subjects of Film, Literature, Humanities, and Composition. His interest in the JFK assassination got stoked by Rush to Judgment, Crossfire, and Reasonable Doubt on A&E. 

Thomas has been extremely to helpful to me on Facebook, messaging me whenever he came upon a riveting article or video. For instance, Tom was the first one to alert me to the article by Wayne Madsen about the likelihood of it being Ted Cruz' father outside the Trade Mart with Oswald. 

Here is what Tom said when I invited him: 

"I am honored to be considered a member! As an educator, I feel it's critical that parents teach their children about LHO's innocence, as well as these other truths that schools mis-state, in our completely propagandized modern culture."

And just now he wrote: 

"What esteemed company, and a youthful picture, to boot! Many thanks, Ralph."

Thank you, Tom, and welcome aboard. 

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