Friday, April 1, 2016

Aaron Paterson, our new member from Australia, astutely addressed the fact that Oswald SUPPOSEDLY referred to his younger daughter, whom he knew as RACHEL, as Audrey Marina Oswald. Why would he do that if he called her Rachel?

Hi Ralph, go and take a look at the letter signed by Oswald. The note at the bottom of the letter states
"Also, this is to Inform you of the birth, on October 20, 1963 of a DAUGHTER, AUDREY MARINA OSWALD in Dallas, Texas, to my wife.
                                       L H Oswald. "
Aaron: Doesn't look to obvious, Oswald got his second daughter's date of birth but incorrectly wrote her full name down as, Audrey Marina Oswald, but her full name was in fact, Audrey Marina RACHEL Oswald!
The world knows her as  Rachel Oswald, not Audrey Oswald, so why would Oswald omit her second to last name?
Why did he even bother to put this note at the bottom of a letter to a Soviet embassy? Because this second daughter was born in the States and wasn't a Soviet citizen like her big sister June! If I was Oswald and wanted to return to the Soviet Union, I would want Soviet officials to have my American daughter's 'FULL BIRTH DETAILS' to get a Visa and passport for my daughter!
I conclude Oswald didn't write/type this letter as his newborn daughter's birth details 'her full name' would have been correctly given.
Spelling mistakes and my views above satisfy me that someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald, wrote this letter and an expert signature forger added the signature.
p.s. June Oswald was born in Russia, I assume Lee Harvey chose this very American, not so Russian name? Same with Audrey Marina Rachel. Audrey & Rachel sound like popular names used in Texas!
Have a great day Y'all.
Aaron Paterson. The Aussie Skeptic! 

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