Friday, April 15, 2016

Alex Jones thought enough of Wayne Madsen's report about Rafael Cruz that he published it on InfoWars:

That has got to give a big boost to the story. It's been widely reported that Cruz moved to New Orleans shortly after the birth of his second daughter, which was on November 18, 1962. I don't have an exact date, but all indications are that Cruz moved to New Orleans in late '62 or early '63. Either way, he was was there in May '63 when Lee Harvey Oswald was getting established there. 

Cruz arrived in Texas from Cuba. He reportedly left with $100, but he had to spend a good part of that getting from Cuba to Texas, right? He didn't hitchhike, did he? And then speaking hardly any English, he got accepted at UT. You should read The Fictitious Life of Rafael Cruz, Part II, The Phony Immigration Story by Cindy Rose.

She makes a lot of good points, harping on the fact that he must have gotten help and had connections that he's not telling us about. But, what I most want to know is how he paid for it all. He was not only going to the University, but he soon had a wife and then two kids. You can't pay for a university education and support a family of four for fifty cents an hour. 

So, was Rafael Cruz involved with the CIA, and was he getting financial help from them? 

And what was he doing when he first went to New Orleans? Because it didn't say anything about him getting a job right away. Eventually, he found employment with a geophysics company, but not in 1963. So, how was he supporting himself and his family? 

But, here's the most important thing of all: Rafael Cruz was in New Orleans, Louisiana at the same time Lee Harvey Oswald was there. Rafael Cruz was, by that time, a member of the anti-Castro Cuban community, and Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with the anti-Castro Cuban community- even though he postured himself as being pro-Castro. So, how could their paths NOT have crossed? 

What I'm saying is that even if we didn't have that disputed image from the Trade Mart, that there are sufficient grounds to sit Rafael Cruz down and ask him some very direct questions about Lee Harvey Oswald and the summer of 1963. Did he or did he not know Oswald? 

Furthermore, I think everyone should be in agreement about this. In other words, even if you are a lone-nutter who believes every word of the official story, you should have no objection to putting these questions to Rafael Cruz. Why the hell not?   

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