Friday, April 15, 2016

This leaflet that Oswald handed out at the Trade Mart is stupid, and only an idiot could have written it. According to John Newman, it was totally a CIA operation, ipso facto, Idiots Inc. Just consider:

First, it hardly says anything, and the little it says is obscure. Hands off Cuba? That's a title. It's a catchy slogan. But, doesn't it need some elaboration? Who's it directed at? The US government? But, that isn't crystal-clear. Why couldn't it be telling Castro to get his hands off Cuba? It sounds provocative, but it needs elaboration. 

Then, there is the name of the organization. Why would a national organization with branches presumably everywhere call itself a committee? There was going to be branches everywhere of a committee? A committee? Doesn't the word imply a rather small compact group appointed to do something? (it could even be one person) 

And why would you call it the "New Orleans Charter Member Branch"? Was that to indicate that it was just forming? But, they weren't going to call it that, were they? Shouldn't they have said something like: "Become a charter member of the New Orleans Branch?

Then it says: Free Literature, Lectures and note the italics. Was that Oswald's idea? But, what free literature? Wasn't this all the literature there was? This flier? And what lectures? When in your life have you heard an announcement about lectures which didn't cite a particular lecture, the subject of it, the date of it, the time of it, the speaker, and the curriculum vitae of the speaker? 

And then for the location, it has Oswald's name and home address on Magazine Street stamped in. But, why stamped? Are we to believe that Oswald went to the trouble of having a stamp made with his name and address so that he could have the flier printed and then have to stamp it in? Why not have it typeset like everything else? Why did it have to be stamped in? 

So, he just had it printed leaving a big space and then stamped it in? Why would he or anyone do that? 

And why use the name L.H. Oswald? To save space? For anonymity? Oswald? He wasn't like H.G. Well, or J.D. Salinger, or T.S. Elliot. Wouldn't he have at least put Lee H. Oswald or just Lee Oswald? 

And, the only thing people could do with that flier was just go to 4907 Magazine Street and ask for L.H. Oswald. That was presumably Oswald's address, but it wasn't. He lived at 4905 Magazine Street.  It was definitely 4905. This is from the affidavit of the owner, Jesse L. Garner: 

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald occupied the apartment known as 4905 Magazine Street from May 9, 1963, to on or about September 23, 1963.
So, did Oswald not know his own address? 

Oswald was giving out these fliers with his home address, which was just a tiny two-room apartment. What if somebody showed up? How would that conversation have gone?

Visitor: Excuse me, I'm looking for L.H. Oswald?

Oswald: That's me, L.H., at your service. 

Visitor: I'm here about the organization, I mean, the committee. It says you have some free literature. And what about the lectures?

Oswald: Well, there really isn't any literature besides that flier. But, if there were, it would be free. And, you have to admit: it is pretty nifty. And there aren't really any lectures either. But, I can drum one up for you one on the spot, if you like. I can talk Cuba in my sleep. 

Visitor: Excuse me for saying so, but this just looks like a hovel where people are wretchedly living.

Oswald: To your untrained eye, I can see why you would think that, yes, but I assure you it is the headquarters of a vast organization. 'Marina, would you get that kid to stop crying? Boots-spa-koin!' You were saying?

Then it finishes with: EVERYONE WELCOME! Everyone welcome? As opposed to what? Only Commie-loving Castro-supporters welcome? 'Everyone welcome' is so trite and corny. Did Oswald actually write that? How about offering cookies and punch?  

Look at it again. It's stupid, and it's only purpose was to film Oswald handing it out. That's all. Some idiot at the CIA must have composed it. That's CIA, as in: Can't Ivan Add. 



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