Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Alright, so Ted is 5'8". How tall is his father?

Ted looks like he's at least a couple inches taller than his father, but his father is old, and people shrink with age. The intervertebral discs thin to practically nothing, and the discs account for a third of the length of the spinal column. So, taking that into account, how tall was Rafael Cruz when he was a young man? I would say about 5'7". Oswald was 5'9". 

That man looks to be about 5'7" to me. 

I am satisfied that it's the same guy. There are certainly no deal-breakers. And if anyone wants to dispute it, they will have to offer an alternative because it's been 52 years, and there are no grounds for not knowing who that guy was. 

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