Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How is this not going to be news?

The father of Ted Cruz loitering with Lee Harvey Oswald?

If this goes viral on the net, and I bet it will, the mainstream media may be forced to deal with it. They may be forced to talk about it and to force Cruz to address it. And realize the implications, which are not only that his father was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, but that the CIA was involved, because Rafael Cruz may as well have had CIA stamped on his forehead. 

Now, of course, I realize that we all know that the CIA was involved in the JFK assassination and in setting up Oswald. But, the point is that this photograph makes it undeniable. You've got a known CIA operative standing next to Oswald!!!!!!!

Please do all you can to help this thing go viral. If you participate in any newsgroups or forums, if you have a blog or participate on a blog, or if you have a mailing list of your own, send it out.  Here's the link to what I wrote, if you want to use it, which also contains the links to Zephyr's and Madsen's articles:

Let's do all we can to take this thing sky-high- to the stratosphere. Wouldn't you love to see Ted Cruz put in the hot-seat about this on all the network and cable channels? 

"Senator Cruz, this appears to be a photograph of your father, Rafael Cruz, standing on the corner with Lee Harvey Oswald on  a street in New Orleans, handing out pro-Castro leaflets. Would you like to explain this?"

Oh, that would be sweet. And it may happen. If it grows big enough on the Web, it will have to happen. And if it doesn't, it will at least expose the naked corruption of the mainstream media, that a major contender for the Presidency had a father who was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, and they're not reporting it. 

Let's take it viral!

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