Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Before anything could be done about it, the Honolulu newspaper, The Bulletin, reported Jane Stanford's death accurately, as a poisoning. 

This is by OIC senior member Stephen Requa, who worked with Dr. Robert Cutler on the case and is now the world's leading authority on the murder of Jane Stanford. 

Everyone at Stanford knew Jane Stanford was poisoned, but they simply sat on their hands while David Starr Jordan, Whitelaw Reid, Darius Ogden Mills, and U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt covered it all up. Whitelaw Reid was rewarded for his whitewash by being appointment U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. That happened the day before the Hawaii Inquest ruled that Jane Stanford was poisoned by strychnine. Dr. Cutler simply restored that official Hawaii State Inquest ruling that Jordan / TR Roosevelt suppressed (with much money).

Darius Ogden Mills accompanied Whitelaw Reid to Stanford from New York City to be there just as Jane's poisoning was announced. Mills, who was formerly the richest man in California, had moved to NYC where Reid was the owner and editor of the powerful New York City newspaper, The New York Tribune. Reid was also Mills' son-in-law. Together, they went to Stanford to bribe/intimidate everybody to keep their mouths shut. They also had to organize the poisoning of Isaac Requa at his luncheon at the Pacific Union Club, for which big bribes were assuredly necessary to the San Francisco Police and to the Pacific Union Club. 

Isaac Requa, like his good friend Jane Stanford, was poisoned. But, this is what was reported in the papers.

Famous Financier Is No More
Isaac L. Requa, one of the foremost financiers of the coast and for many years prominently identified with railroad building in California, died shortly after midnight this morning at his home. The Highlands, on Piedmont Heights. Oakland. Death is attributed to nervous collapse, which his advanced age could not withstand. 

RC: To say that he died of "nervous collapse" is medical nonsense. 

Dr. Cutler wrote in 2004 that Isaac Requa was "the obvious second victim" and that newspapers reported that D.O. Mills was "huddled with Executors". But, he wasn't anything to Jane Stanford, neither a Trustee at the University nor an Executor. His role at those meetings was simply to bribe and/or threaten anyone evinced the least bit of doubt  -- and then to organize the poisoning of Isaac Requa two days after Jane Stanford's funeral. As Dr. Cutler noted in 2004, the San Francisco Police then were 100% corrupted.

After Reid was appointed Ambassador to U.K. by TR Roosevelt the day before the Inquest ruling of murder, Reid then went to London to liaise with the Rothschilds, There has been no evidence yet found, however, that Reid was either a real Trustee nor a real Executor. He lived 3000 miles away from Jane Stanford and there is no record or evidence of their ever having met. Mills being "huddled with Executors" as per newspapers can best be surmised as Mills being there to bribe/threaten any real executors/ trustees to accept the charade and not make trouble for Whitelaw Reid. In any case, Reid (then as U.S. Ambassador to U.K.) and Jordan then criminally suppressed the Inquest Ruling of murder by strychnine poisoning while Jordan and one Trustee (Timothy Hopkins - obviously bribed) went to Hawaii and tried to bribe the autopsy doctors into changing their cause of death from strychnine poisoning to heart disease. Fortunately, they refused to do this. The Honolulu papers, as noted in the attached Cutler Timeline, reported this attempted bribery. 

Read the Timeline for the atrocious and flagrant crimes being done by Jordan to cover up the murder. Plain as day! 

Fortunately, the LA TImes actually reported this story accurately in 2003.

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